‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6: Colin O’Donoghue Reveals Hook, Emma, Belle, And More ‘OUAT’ Spoilers

Tonight, a new episode of Once Upon A Time will air. The Season 6 premiere had some surprising elements and shocking revelations. Emma Swan, portrayed by Jennifer Morrison, had visions. Instead of sharing the details with Hook, she is keeping it a secret. Colin O’Donoghue spoke about Hook and Emma, also known as “Captain Swan.” He also discussed his storyline with Belle, played by Emilie de Ravin.

OUAT spoilers are below. Do not scroll past this point if you do not want to know any information on what could happen next on ABC’s fairy tale series.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, spoilers teased that Emma’s discovery about herself would be “life-altering.” Fans were not quite sure what it could be. Some believed it was her finding out that she is not the first Savior. Well, the Season 6 premiere of Once Upon A Time revealed Emma’s vision, a sword fight, and her death. It is said that her future cannot be changed. Is that set in stone or could Storybrooke see a miracle?

The fairy tale drama centers around Emma Swan and is all about finding happiness. In fact, it has been teased by executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis that Emma’s happy ending will eventually be explored. However, during the hiatus, the showrunners hinted that a happy ending might just be one satisfying, enjoyable final moment.

Even though some OUAT fans are concerned about Emma’s future, there is likely a way around the dark prediction. In Storybrooke, rules are broken and the impossible happens. It is not just a television show about happy endings, but also has elements of hope, joy, watching dreams come to life, and experiencing things that wouldn’t happen anywhere else. There must be a way to stop or change Emma’s future. Hopefully, Emma, Hook, or someone else will find it.

As for Emma keeping the secret from Hook, Once Upon A Time actor Colin O’Donoghue spoke to TV Guide about the storyline. Emma is not doing a very good job hiding her discovery. In the Season 6 premiere, Emma was short with Hook and she is never like that with him. He knows something is not quite right and is determined to find out what it is. O’Donoghue teased that Hook will be disappointed that she didn’t trust him enough to reveal her visions, but he still loves her.

As for what to expect in Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 2, Futon Critic released the synopsis for “A Bitter Draught.”

“When a mysterious man from the Land of Untold Stories, who has a past with the Evil Queen, arrives in Storybrooke, David and Snow work together with Regina to neutralize the threat. Belle seeks Hook’s help finding a safe place to hide away from her husband, Mr. Gold. The Evil Queen continues to try to win Zelena over to her side, while Emma resumes her therapy sessions with Archie and shares her terrifying vision of the future.”

TV Guide asked O’Donoghue about Hook helping Belle hide from Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle). This isn’t the first time he has come between “Rumbelle.” However, there are no ulterior motives. Hook is helping because she asks for assistance.

“In this situation, Hook helps Belle because she wants help. She doesn’t want to have Gold in her life anymore and at the moment she doesn’t want Gold in their son’s life…. Hook is helping her because that’s the right thing to do in that moment. The fact that it’s getting one up on Rumple doesn’t hurt as well. But he’s happy to help her and wants to do whatever he can sort of make amends for how he treated her in the past. So we get to see a little bit of that. And also, she wants to be hidden and who better to hide anything than a pirate?”

What do you think is going to happen with Captain Swan and Hook hiding Belle? Find out when ABC airs Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 2 on October 2.

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