Trey Gowdy Still Demands Justice For Benghazi, Email Scandals [Video]

Trey Gowdy is still demanding justice for Hillary Clinton’s part in the Benghazi murders and her email scandals that shook Americans’ faith in government. More and more, he’s questioning the powers-that-be, namely FBI Director James Comey. On Wednesday, Congressman Trey Gowdy held Comey’s feet to the fire as he interrogated him once again. Gowdy’s comments and questions have drawn a great deal of support, particularly on social media, as videos have been circulated far and wide, with words of affirmation. If Gowdy’s goal as a representative is to represent the American people, some would argue that he’s been successful. He’s put himself and his reputation on the line in repeated attempts to seek justice in the actions taken by Mrs. Clinton. Watch the video below to hear Trey Gowdy’s most recent demand for justice.

One of the most telling, and powerful, points he made was how disappointed he was in the FBI’s reputation sinking so low as a result of the Clinton cover-up. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Trey Gowdy tackled the issue of her email scandal by breaking through the bastion of intent. This past summer, Gowdy even managed to get Comey to refute several of the statements Clinton made during her FBI investigation. Gowdy circled back on Wednesday, cornering Comey once again for his defense of the presidential candidate’s lack of intent in her email misconduct.

“The way to prove [guilty intent] is whether someone took steps to conceal or destroy what they’d done. That is the best evidence you have that they knew it was wrong, that they lied about it.”

There’s no doubt Comey knew that, just as all Americans from both parties knew, yet he still told the Justice Department, much to their relief, that he didn’t recommend charges against Mrs. Clinton for what she’d done. According to Western Journalism, Trey Gowdy is still demanding justice for Hillary Clinton’s actions. The FBI hasn’t escaped accusation. Gowdy had a few more words for Director Comey.

“This is not the FBI that I used to work with. I’ve been really careful not to criticize you… I just disagree with you. But it’s really important to me that the FBI be respected. It looks to me like things were done differently, that I don’t recall being done back when I used to work with them.”

Trey Gowdy speaks from experience. The South Carolina congressman was once a very successful federal prosecutor and worked closely with FBI agents on some cases. The scolding comes from a high place and threatens to bring a once-solid institution to a lower place it just may well have earned for itself by allowing Comey to recommend a no-bill for Clinton.

Trey Gowdy Still Demands Justice For Benghazi, Email Scandals
Trey Gowdy [Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

James Comey’s infamous statement listing the Clintonian sins had the typical American voter holding his breath, waiting for the recommendation for charges that would surely follow. America collectively exhaled when Comey announced he wouldn’t be recommending charges. The disappointment was rampant, at least for the conservative voters.


It turns out that Loretta Lynch didn’t escape the fury of the people, either.


American voters may have lashed out at Comey’s decision not to charge Hillary, but it did little good. Comey spoke, and Lynch responded. Not so fast, according to Trey Gowdy. Still demanding justice for her behavior, he continues to doggedly pursue justice, and some acknowledgment from Comey, Lynch, and company.

Taken on its own, the email scandal would be enough for prosecution, if social media comments are any indication. Unfortunately, the email scandal doesn’t stand alone in the ammunition conservatives have against Hillary Clinton. Trey Gowdy has that covered, as well, as you’ll see in the video below.


As World News Politics has said, Trey Gowdy is “not afraid to speak the truth no matter how harsh it sounds” and is “always forthright” in his questioning about crooked behavior.

If past behavior is truly an indicator of future behavior, we can see that Trey Gowdy is not going to let it go. His demands for justice will continue, and it appears that a significant number of American people will stand behind him. What do you think about Congressman Gowdy’s pursuit of justice? Is it founded or an exercise in futility? Please sound off in the comments section below.

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