Amber Pasztor Was Scheduled For Hearing The Day She Killed Her Children: Children’s Father Was Murdered In An Unsolved Case In 2010

Amber Pasztor, the woman who killed her two children after abducting them from their grandparents house last Monday, was scheduled for a hearing the day she killed her children.

WANE reports that Amber Pasztor was charged with criminal trespassing back in late July. On August 1, she was found guilty of the criminal trespassing charges and was sentenced to one year in jail.

When Pasztor was able to get the sentence changed, she ended up spending no time in jail, and instead was ordered to stay away from the residence and complete 20 hours of community service.

At the beginning of this month, Pasztor was said to be non-compliant with her sentence and was ordered back to court, which was scheduled for the day she kidnapped her two children, Liliana Hernandez and Rene Pasztor.

Amber Pasztor was scheduled for hearing the day she killed her children
This photo released by the Elkhart, Ind., Police Department shows Amber Pasztor. Pasztor, was arrested on two counts of murder Monday, Sept. 26, 2016, in the deaths of seven-year-old Liliana Hernandez and six-year-old Rene Pasztor, who were the subject of an Amber Alert. (Elkhart Police Department via AP)

Further, WANE revealed that shocking information has been found in regards to Liliana’s and Rene’s father, Rene Hernandez. Back in 2010, Rene Hernandez’s bisected body was located in a wooded area. According to the Whitley County Sheriff’s Office, the crime was never solved.

The Whitley County Sheriff’s Office did say they spoke with Amber Pasztor after his body was discovered, and at the time she had one child with Hernandez and was pregnant with another, the same children allegedly abducted and killed by Amber just last week.


Whitley County Sheriff Marcus Gatton told reporters that Amber was never connected to Rene Hernandez’s death, but said it is likely they will be revisiting this case, Kokomo Tribune reports.

“I’m sure we will be visiting her again.”

Many are questioning whether Amber Pasztor is a female serial killer. When Amber abducted her children, she was with a neighbor, Frank Macomber, and was driving his car.

Frank was reported missing that day and the amber alert went out for the children. Police eventually found Frank’s body the following day in a wooded area. Reports revealed that Frank had been shot to death.

An amber alert went out for Indiana children abducted by their mother Amber Pasztor
[Image via enterlinedesign/AP Images]

Investigators believe that the two cases are connected and say they think that Frank was killed before the children were kidnapped.

Michelle Troye, Frank’s daughter, knew that something was very wrong when he went missing that day. She was convinced that not only would her father not be connected to the kidnapping, but that he was in grave danger.

“I am 100 percent certain that he is not involved in this situation because he wouldn’t hurt anybody, especially children.”

Frank and Amber had some sort of relationship and were neighbors, but the type of relationship between the two was unknown. Frank would sometimes help Amber, whether it was giving her cash or giving her rides. Troye was very non-accepting of her father’s relationship with Amber.

“We were very persistent and telling him we do not want her around you, you do not need to have her around you, she is not right. He did not listen.”

Troye kept hope that maybe her father would return home and be just fine, but all her hopes faded when she found out that the two children were found dead.

“If those kids were alive, maybe she changed her mind about hurting anybody and there was still hope for my dad, but after hearing that, I lost all hope.”

According to State Laws, there is no statute of limitation for murder in the state of Indiana. A murder case in the state of Indiana can be re-opened at any time, as many times as they feel necessary. Should they find it likely to re-open Rene Hernandez’s murder case, investigators have made it clear that they will likely be in contact with Amber Pasztor.

Will Amber Pasztor be the next serial killer recognized in the state of Indiana? Only time will tell. Updates will be provided as they become available.

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