WWE Rumors: Matt Hardy Hints At WWE Return In Monumental Premonition

The fate of TNA Impact Wrestling should come to light in the next few days and the WWE is at the center of this story. However, if the WWE does end up buying TNA Impact Wrestling, they will almost surely close the entire company down like they did with WCW many years ago. If this happens, the WWE might offer contracts to some of the Impact talents that have worth, while letting the rest go. One of the names that the WWE seems interested in is Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy even made light of it in a Twitter comment. As he portrays the character of Broken Matt Hardy and leads his brother, now known as Brother Nero, into a war with Decay, he said that he had a premonition of where he will be on Monday night. Matt Hardy then showed himself having the almost painful looking premonition.


For those who don’t follow TNA Impact Wrestling, the fans who chanted “Delete” during the Dudley Boyz farewell on WWE Monday Night Raw was in reference to a storyline that was created by Matt Hardy. Basically, Matt Hardy has gone crazy and is now broken. He feuded with Jeff Hardy and had a battle at their compound in North Carolina that was shot like a short film with their battle culminating with Matt Hardy winning and Jeff losing his name.

It was like nothing professional wrestling had ever seen and completely ridiculous as Broken Matt Hardy. However, weeks later, the WWE staged their battle between New Day and the Wyatt Family in a battle that obviously ripped off Matt Hardy’s creation. And that is what this is. Matt Hardy has complete control over this story and it has caused people to actually start paying attention to TNA Impact Wresting once again. While TNA was worried about showing it, Billy Corgan fought for Matt Hardy and the angle was a giant success.

However, it might be too late. TNA Impact Wrestling owes millions of dollars more than it is worth. With that fact, the company might be too in debt for Billy Corgan to buy and that leaves the WWE and the fact that they will shutter the company for good. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Matt Hardy said that he does not trust Vince McMahon not to stifle his creativity when it comes to the storyline that made him a star once again.

“I am very content at Impact Wrestling. I don’t know if I trust that Meekmahan, or if he’ll try to stifle my broken brilliance. I’m able to live in my broken universe here at Impact Wrestling to the fullest extent, and Impact Wrestling needs me as their savior, so I’ll do everything I can to help them grow.”


For those who haven’t noticed, Broken Matt Hardy never breaks character, something that is missing in the world of professional wrestling and the WWE these days. As for his brother, Jeff, he really doesn’t want to return to the WWE because of the demanding schedule and the WWE wanting to control all their talent’s endeavors even out of wrestling.

“All the WWE stuff really depends on what happens between now and February with TNA. I just went out to Nashville and recorded six songs, and we’re about to open a store that sells original art work, which is going to be huge. If it feels right and good, I don’t see anything wrong with staying. When you commit to a WWE contract, you’re committing to some serious time away from home. If it were under my terms, there might be a chance, but I’m really not sure.”


Even if the WWE buys TNA Impact Wrestling and shuts it down, that does not mean that Matt Hardy or his brother has to go back to the WWE again. The money is there for them to consider, but they have other options as well. Matt Hardy has commitments through the end of November in the U.K. and the brothers could make a lot of money in companies like Evolve and Ring of Honor. Jeff Hardy is at a disadvantage because of his past criminal record not allowing him to travel abroad.


However, if Matt Hardy could get a part time schedule and be allowed to keep control of his gimmick, it could be huge for the WWE. Sure, traditional WWE fans would hate it, but it is one of the most creative and fun gimmicks in years. Imagine Matt Hardy showing up in the WWE, ready to delete his foes.

[Featured Image via WWE]