Cynthia Bailey Posts Happy Photo Of Herself And Peter Thomas In Hawaii For ‘RHOA’ Cast Trip

Are Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas back together romantically? Or are they just able to maintain a good friendship with one another, despite the demise of their marriage? On Saturday, days after Bravo released the Season 9 preview for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which shows Cynthia proclaiming that she wants a divorce, while Peter expressed sadness over the end of the marriage, Cynthia posted a happy photo of herself with Peter in Hawaii.

The selfie shows Cynthia and Peter close to one another and both smiling wide. Wearing life vests and with clear, blue waters behind them, it seems that they were taking part in a water activity. Cynthia’s message wished Peter love, peace and happiness on his birthday “Always love,” she wrote, followed by a heart emoji. Cynthia ended her message by telling Peter to enjoy his day.

It seems that Peter and Cynthia did a whale watching trip together. It also seems as if it wasn’t a private, romantic day out on the water for just the two of them, for Cynthia later posted a photo of herself with co-star, Kandi Burruss, in front of a whale watching sign.

As evidenced by Cynthia’s photos, Phaedra Parks and Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker, also took part in the whale-watching excursion.

Perhaps the whale watching trip with Cynthia and co-stars helped perk up Peter on his birthday? Hours prior to Cynthia’s post, Peter posted a professional photo of himself and told people that it was his birthday. In his message, with the location of Wailea Beach in Maui given, Peter alluded to struggles. He admitted that despite it being his birthday and the fact that he’s in paradise, he’s not feeling particularly happy. He thanked God for bringing him so far along in life, but also declared that he definitely needs God to complete his journey.

He later posted a photo of himself with his birthday cake. He thanked the show’s crew, as well as Cynthia, Kandi and Todd.

The day prior, Peter posted a photo of himself at Honolulu International Airport.

“Just one of those days,” he wrote, suggesting that his day didn’t turn out so well.

Yet he seemed a lot happier when he landed in Maui. He posted a video clip of himself on Wailea Beach in Maui enjoying the scenery while smoking a cigarette and asking his “haters” what they think.

The Season 9 preview for The Real Housewives of Atlanta shows that Cynthia Bailey’s relationship with Peter Thomas will be one of the big story lines of the season.

“I want a divorce,” Cynthia tells an attorney in one scene.

“I love my wife. I was in there ’til I die,” Peter tells Todd in another.

Will viewers not only see the end of Cynthia’s marriage to Peter, but also her already moving on to someone else? In one preview scene, Phaedra asks Kenya if she thinks one of their co-stars “got a love interest.” The next scene shows Cynthia walking down a hotel hallway and being greeted into a room by a man. The man’s face isn’t shown.

As viewers have seen, Cynthia’s marriage to Peter has been beset by problems since practically the beginning. They almost didn’t even get married, due to financial struggles and the opposition of some of Cynthia’s family members to the marriage. During Season 3, Cynthia was very upfront about her and Peter’s financial struggles, admitting that there were times when she didn’t even know whether they could pay for their wedding. Cynthia’s sister, Malorie, and mother, Barbara, also expressed their doubts about Cynthia getting married to Peter.


The Season 3 finale episode, which showed the wedding, even made it seem as if Malorie and Barbara hid the marriage license in a last-minute attempt to stop the wedding. In an interview with Radar Online in January, 2014, Malorie maintained that she and their mother didn’t hide the marriage license. Yet Malorie did admit that she knew where the missing marriage license was and didn’t come forward with the location right away. She also admitted that she did say that the lost marriage license was perhaps a sign that Cynthia shouldn’t get married. Malorie even revealed that Cynthia, before walking down the aisle, cried about her and Peter’s financial troubles, which wasn’t shown on the episode.

The later seasons showed Peter and Cynthia frequently fighting about money. Peter seemed to have a habit of putting money into business endeavors without asking Cynthia first, such as when he, as one Season 7 episode made it seem, spent money on renting a new space for a coffee shop without Cynthia’s knowledge until after the fact. After the end of their Bar One restaurant in Atlanta, Peter went ahead and started Sports One bar and lounge in Charlotte. Cynthia made it clear that she didn’t like Peter opening and running a business in Charlotte, pointing out that the long distance would put a strain on their marriage.


The Season 8 premiere episode showed Peter and Cynthia not only arguing about finances, but also about fidelity. Cynthia angrily confronted Peter about a video that emerged of him seemingly inappropriately kissing and touching another women while in Sports One. Peter defended himself by saying that the woman was just a friend and that he, if he really meant to cheat, wouldn’t make a move on another woman in such a public place. Cynthia continued lashing out at Peter for embarrassing her and giving others reason to gossip about their marriage. A flashback scene from the Season 7 reunion show, during which Porsha Williams claimed that Peter was cheating on Cynthia with a waitress at his bar, was shown.


Cynthia later told her sister that she won’t give up on the marriage.

“When I married Peter, I signed up for better or for worse. I didn’t look at the video and think, ‘Okay, I gotta walk away from my marriage because of this.'”

As the Inquisitr reported, as the Season 8 premiere episode aired, Peter posted a series of tweets in which he declared his innocence, said that he is sexually turned on only by Cynthia, and admitted that he’s lucky to have such a good-looking woman.

In May, Cynthia confirmed to Bravo’s The Daily Dish that she and Peter separated. In July, 2016, she announced her plans for divorce to E! News.

“I don’t want it to be an ugly divorce because I still love Peter. I just don’t want to be married to Peter anymore. It’s as simple as that. I still root for him. I want him to win. I still love and support him. We are just not going to be married anymore.”

Cynthia Bailey maintained that starring on The Real Housewives of Atlanta didn’t contribute to the end of her marriage to Peter Thomas. She also expressed optimism that they’ll be friends.

“Regardless of if we were on the show or not, our issues would have happened anyways because it’s just personalities and it’s just chemistry and it’s also compatibility. I am really optimistic that in the end, after we take some time, we are going to be friends at the end of this because that was the start.


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