Rob Kardashian: What Is He Doing To Get Back In Blac Chyna’s Good Graces After Blowout Fight?

Rob Kardashian is trying to get back on Blac Chyna’s good side.

Anyone who follows the Rob & Chyna stars knows that 29-year-old Rob Kardashian and his 28-year-old fiance, Blac Chyna, have been on the outs lately. Of course, the couple is still engaged, but their public fights and disagreements have recently reached a new level. For example, on Thursday, Blac tweeted out Rob Kardashian’s phone number in an effort to force him to change the number.

She did so, Chyna said, in order to keep other women from texting her man.

Now, sources are reporting that Rob Kardashian is doing everything he can to get back in Blac’s good graces. In order to do so, Kardashian has made a trip to his favorite jeweler, according to an unnamed source for Hollywood Life.

“Rob [Kardashian]’s trying hard to smooth things over with [Blac] Chyna after she roasted him by putting his number on Twitter. The next day he went to his jeweler and had him begin working on a stunning diamond necklace with a custom made pendant for Chyna as an ‘I’m sorry’ gift. Chyna doesn’t know about it but Rob’s hoping the gift will put him back on Chyna’s good list and help diffuse the constant firing they’ve been having lately.”

According to reports, Rob and Chyna have been struggling because Rob is uncomfortable with Blac Chyna’s previous relationships. In the past, the former exotic dancer has dated rappers Future and Tyga (who is the father of her first child), and unnamed sources have reported that Rob believes Blac would rather date a rapper than a “fat Armenian.”

Additionally, TMZ has reported that Rob has fallen back into depression and is once again struggling with his health. According to reports, Kardashian has gained back much of the weight Chyna helped him to lose.

Rob and Blac began dating back in January, stunning much of the entertainment world. Because of Blac Chyna’s history with Rob’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, no one expected to see Rob and Chyna together. In the past, Kylie and Blac Chyna had feuded publicly over Kylie’s relationship with Blac’s former fiance, Tyga. Initially, Rob’s Kardashian and Jenner sisters were said to be disgusted and appalled at Rob’s new relationship, but eventually each of the sisters, including Kylie, seemed to come around.

That was a good thing, because before too long, Rob and Blac announced their engagement. Soon after, the couple revealed that Blac Chyna was pregnant with Rob Kardashian’s baby — a little girl.

Things seemed to be moving along well for the now-famous couple, until Rob took to social media to delete all references to Blac Chyna from his Instagram account. Many wondered whether the couple had split, but the pair of reality TV stars soon confirmed that they had worked things out and were back on track for their wedding.

But recently, reports seemed to indicate that Rob and Blac may have split for good. Chyna took care of those rumors on Thursday when she sent out Rob’s phone number, later explaining on her Snapchat account that she and Rob were still together.

“To all these females wanna keep texting his phone ’cause they had his number before, talking about ‘you good? You and Chyna good?’ Naw, we good. We good. We straight. All right.”

What do you think of Rob Kardashian’s tactics to try to get back in Blac Chyna’s good graces? Do you think buying her lavish jewelry will help smooth things over after their continual fighting? Why or why not?

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]