Shannen Doherty Feels ‘Blessed’ Amid Cancer Battles

It seems everything in Shannen Doherty’s life has centered around her cancer battle in the months since she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, but now, even as she’s faced with an intensified treatment program, Ms. Doherty is finding strength from the people and events outside of her hospital stays. In fact, just after she exposed feelings of defeat and vulnerability, Shannen has bounced back, redoubling her cancer battle, and embracing her life and her loved ones. Some of that strength exhibited by Shannen has undoubtedly been reignited by best friend Sarah Michelle Gellar, as the Cruel Intentions star reminds Doherty just how much she has to fight for in her life.

Shannen Doherty Wins At The Love Your Spouse Challenge

When it had seemed as though her cancer battle had taken over every aspect of her life, Shannen has rededicated herself to fighting back and, as Today shares, Sarah Michelle Gellar has gone a long way toward helping her best friend keep a positive attitude. Instead of dwelling on her cancer fight, Gellar dared Ms. Doherty to participate in the Love Your Spouse Challenge on Instagram, a tactic that seems to have helped Shannen open herself to all that she still has in her life.

One of the greatest things in Shannen’s life, according to the former Charmed star, is her marriage to film producer and cinematographer Kurt Iswarienko. The two have been married for five years. Doherty shared a picture of herself and Iswarienko dressed in their wedding day gown and tux, as they take off on a hike along a wooded path.

“My friend @sarahmgellar softly suggested a challenge to @kurtiswarienko and myself to do the 7 day #loveyourspousechallenge and we accepted! She was telling me about going thru old photos and the memories and emotions they evoke,” Shannen begins the caption. “This morning, I felt that and I’m thankful Sarah challenged us.”

While some might share a wedding day photo and share the feelings and events of that day in particularly, Ms. Doherty, instead, focuses on the symbolism of the wedding and how marriage to Kurt has given her strength through times when that bond was needed most of all.

“Our wedding was exceptional and not for the big event it was. It was exceptional because we committed for better or worse, in sickness or in health to love and cherish one another. Those vows have never meant more than they do now. Kurt has stood by my side thru sickness and makes me feel more loved now than ever,” explains Shannen. “I would walk any path with this man. Take any bullet for him and slay every dragon to protect him. He is my soul mate. My other half. I am blessed.”

Shannen Doherty Glows With Strength And Beauty As Her Hair Begins To Grow Back

The Love Your Spouse Challenge is a seven-day event, so Doherty had plenty of opportunities to share pictures of herself with her husband, and as People reveals, Shannen posted both older and new images. Perhaps one of the best pictures is one of Kurt cuddling with Shannen, because Ms. Doherty looks happier than she has in recent weeks, almost glowing with love.

Doherty looks youthful, her smile is infectious, and her head begins to show the start of new hair growth. All in all, Doherty looks surprisingly well, and as her caption on the photo indicates, much of the credit for her positive attitude belongs to Shannen’s husband.

“It’s the 6th day of the #loveyourspousechallenge This is us now. Life has handed us an interesting card with cancer and although we would both prefer to not be faced with such a terrible disease, we must also search for the good,” Shannen captions the image.

As Ms. Doherty goes on to indicate, she has indeed found the good in her life and it has given her that much more reason to keep up the fight, in spite of the obstacles that Doherty’s cancer battle presents.

“Am I blessed? Yes. Blessed for my friends that I have. Blessed that I have a fantastic mom and blessed that this man is in my life. Cancer gives a clarity that is unique,” writes Shannen Doherty. “I’ve seen friends run, I’ve seen strangers step up, I’ve seen the unwavering still unwaver and I’ve seen @kurtiswarienko there for it all. That’s friendship. That’s love.”

[Featured Image by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images]