Mariah Carey: More Diva Demands Revealed Since The Songstress Visited U.K. TV Show Set

It’s no secret that Mariah Carey is a bit of a diva. That in itself is a sure understatement, especially when it comes to her demands when performing or appearing on talk shows. The superstar, to remind all of the lavishness she is surrounded by daily, and to give a glimpse into her life in her day-to-day, is soon to debut her docu-series, Mariah’s World. The songstress is making the rounds promoting her new program that shows behind the scenes of her world tour and her Vegas residency. It’s sure to be entertaining.

Mariah pushed the boundaries of her diva demands when she made an appearance on a U.K. talk show. The star’s bizarre insistence when she dropped by Alan Carr’s Chatty Man was on another level and perhaps validates Miley Cyrus’ qualms about Carey, that the star is all about image.

While on set, Carey requested that the bosses at the program relays to their crew to only capture the talent’s best angles.Alan relayed that 47-year-old Carey, wanted the staff of the Channel 4 station to shift the entire studio set to be sure that she looked her best in the light and on camera. As the Mirror notes, Mariah asked that she only be filmed from the left side and that the set needed to be rotated 80 degrees to acommodate this request. Alan shared about what was viewed as a hilarious request.

“We all laughed — I did my ‘what are you like’ face, but hers remained the same. We didn’t rotate it, I don’t think we actually could, and to this day I don’t know if she was joking.”

Mariah has been accused regularly of making strange and demanding requests, yet as Alan shares, sometimes it seems that it truly is all an act and a way to have a bit of fun, while keeping people guessing. As the publication reminds, Mariah once made a demand that kittens be on her tour rider as well as bottles of vitamin water to wash her dogs in. When commenting on her own ways, Carey fessed up to her high-maintenance ways.

“I guess I am a diva in many ways. I can be difficult and a little bit rigid about what I want.”

As noted, Miley Cyrus recently made headlines for her comments about Mariah Carey, mainly stating that she has never really been a fan of the “Love Takes Time” singer due to making her image her focus. It’s likely that Carey would simply respond to Cyrus’ comments by stating that she doesn’t even know who the singer and actor is, much like she has done when discussing other stars such as Jennifer Lopez. Although Carey has not responded to Cyrus’ remarks, and likely won’t, Carey’s fans haven’t let Miley off that easy, as CNN shares.

Carey certainly wears her extravagant gowns well and living luxuriously is more than an image that Carey is putting on, it is clearly a way of life. That is the case even more so than before because the Grammy-winner is engaged to billionaire James Packer, who keeps the singer dripping in diamonds. The rock Packer placed on Carey’s finger is a whopping 35 karats, and it seems as thought Mariah could barely hold her hand up to show the bling off following his January proposal. The two are even said to have his and her yachts for their luxurious getaways to Capri. As for the date of the nuptials, there is not one set as of yet. Rumors were swirling that the wedding would take place in 2016, yet Mariah has indicated that she is far too busy to plan the wedding within the year, therefore indicating it will likely take place in 2017.

[Feature Image by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]