Does San Francisco Giants Outfielder Angel Pagan Have A Future In The WWE?

After body slamming a fan who ran out on the AT&T Park field last night, could San Francisco Giants outfielder Angel Pagan have a second career in the WWE after his MLB playing days are over?

Watch the videos below of the fourth inning action and judge for yourself if Vince McMahon might be giving him a call anytime soon.

The Giants, who are fighting for a Wild Card berth, defeated the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers by a score of 9-3 behind ace Madison Bumgarner.

Going into this afternoon’s action, the Giants are 85-75, in second place behind the Dodgers in the National League West, and vying for the second Wild Card with the St. Louis Cardinals. The Dodgers and Giants are scoreless as this is being written.

Ordinarily, players let security deal with rowdy fans, but in this instance, Pagan apparently decided to provide an assist, ESPN/AP reported, in the encounter which spread quickly on Twitter via fan cellphone camera footage.

“Angel Pagan might have made the play of the night — without his glove or bat. He body-slammed a male fan in the left field grass during the fourth inning after he ran onto the field offering white paper flowers. Pagan realized he had to do something to slow the man down, unsure whether there was any motive to harm a player.”


Pagan indicated that he wanted to make sure none of the players were harmed by the man who was roaming on the field and was evading security at the time.

“‘I was just trying to protect myself and protect my teammates. The guy was getting closed to my teammates,’ Pagan said. ‘I guess it was very explosive. Us athletes, we’ve got that kind of strength…It worked.’ Buster Posey earlier shoved the man to the ground. Pagan, who held the man down until security reached him, received a roaring ovation from the sellout crowd when the half-inning ended and tipped his cap.”


Angel Pagan is currently batting.271 for the Giants, with 11 home runs, 132 hits, and 54 RBI do date. The New York Mets traded Pagan, a lifetime.279 hitter, to San Francisco in December 2011. The Mets clinched a Wild Card spot today, leaving the Giants and the Cards struggling for the second slot.

“I wasn’t trying to harm him or anything. I was just trying to help so we could continue the game. It was going to take a long time for him to be taken down. Bum was on a roll. I wanted the game to keep going,” added Pagan about making sure the game stayed on track for his starting pitcher, the Mercury News reported.

The fan and another on-field trespasser “were later identified as animal rights activists,” the newspaper detailed.

Bumgarner (who is 15-10 on the season) commented that “Well, I don’t think it took much (to subdue) that particular guy. But it was fun to watch.”

The Sacramento Bee provided a further description of the Angel Pagan body slam of the fan who was literally out in left field.

“The most physical moment of the night, though, had little to do with the game. In the top of the fourth inning, a fan wearing a blue shirt ran onto the field and approached several Giants players holding out what appeared to be a white flower. Buster Posey pushed the fan away and Bumgarner struck a defensive pose on the mound before the fan headed out toward left fielder Angel Pagan. Pagan held out a hand as if asking for the flower. When the fan got near him, Pagan put him in a full-body hold and wrested him to the ground. Security members carried the fan off the field as fans applauded.


Do you think that Angel Pagan should consider getting into pro wrestling?

Added: The San Francisco Giants prevailed tonight 3-0 over the Dodgers, with Angel Pagan homering in the fifth inning off of Clayton Kershaw to break up a scoreless tie at the time. Rookie pitcher Ty Blach was credited with the win. The Giants now have a one-game lead over the Cards for the second Wild Card slot heading into the final game of the regular season tomorrow. If the Giants lose tomorrow and the Cards win, there will be a one-game playoff to determine which team advances into the post-season playoffs. Any combination of a Giants win or a Cards defeat, however, will send San Francisco into the best-of-one Wild Card game against the Mets on Wednesday night at Citi Field in New York.

Update: The two individuals who ran out on the field were members of the self-described grassroots animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere who were protesting animal mistreatment at the factory farm where Dodger hot dogs (“Dodger Dogs”) are made, although the game was taking place in San Francisco rather than at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. “The activists found rampant disease, extreme crowding, and mass usage of antibiotics at a facility that supplies the world-famous L.A. Dodgers Dogs,” the organization claimed in a press release.

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