‘Sister Wives’ Rumors Swirl: Will Show Be Canceled And Spin-Off Come That Doesn’t Include Kody Brown?

The show Sister Wives is not airing right now, and fans can’t wait for another season with the Brown family. Now the rumors are flying that Sister Wives may not come back again and instead there will be a spin-off show. This comes with a huge twist, though. The Hollywood Gossip is sharing that Sister Wives could return, but it might be in a spin-off that doesn’t have Kody Brown in it at all. There have been rumors that some of the wives might be leaving him, and if they did, there would be no reason to keep Kody around for the show.

There have been rumors that Kody Brown of Sister Wives might pick up two new wives so that he can get a couple of younger ones. Sources said that Robyn Brown was so upset at this idea that she threatened to leave him. This is pretty shocking because it has been obvious that Robyn is head over heels for Kody.

TLC is honestly known for now sharing with fans when they renew a show, and the next thing you hear is that there is a new season of the show. Sister Wives has not been officially renewed, and the rumors are that they might actually cancel the show. The fans of Sister Wives really want to see Mykelti Brown get married and without another season, they won’t get to see the wedding unless TLC decided to record just a one time special for her big day. The Inquisitr already shared a few big details about her wedding day. The wedding will be in Utah where Mykelti is living at now.

It has been obvious for a while that Meri Brown isn’t happy. On the last season of Sister Wives, the viewers got to see that Meri was catfished by someone in Oklahoma who was pretending to be a man and was actually a woman. She started to have feelings for this person, but never actually cheated on Kody considering she found out it was a woman and didn’t meet up with her.

If this spin-off for Sister Wives happened, then you would get to see Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Of course, you would also get to see the Brown children. This wouldn’t be a big change from the show they have now, though. When 19 Kids and Counting was canceled, the Duggar family just got a new show called Counting On. The only real difference on these shows is that the new one really focuses on the older children and you don’t get to see Josh Duggar on it. This would probably be the way a Sister Wives spin-off would work.

News 3 out of Las Vegas recently shared that Janelle Brown is doing something else right now, too. She has started a new fitness journey called Strive With Janelle. She actually spoke out about it and said, “I realized there weren’t many resources out there geared toward people like me — someone who had never really been active, and quite frankly, needed ‘to get in shape’ to get in shape.I decided to create something that would have been helpful to me when I started.” Everyone has watched Janelle Brown’s journey with weight loss on Sister Wives, and this will be a great way to learn from her. Janelle has always been really honest about the fact that she likes to work and keep herself busy instead of being the one at home taking care of the kids.

Are you shocked to hear that Sister Wives might not come back for another season? Do you feel like a spin-off of Sister Wives would do well? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Hopefully, TLC will share the news soon about Sister Wives coming back or a new spin-off instead of the show.

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