Young Boy Shot During Townville School Shooting Has Died: ‘Jacob Hall Died Today At 12:56pm, Pray For His Family’

Jacob Hall, a victim of the Townville Elementary School shooting, has died from his injuries. A recent tweet reveals, “Jacob Hall died today at 12:56pm. Pray for his family.”

The 6-year-old boy was one of three victims, who were shot during the school shooting at Townville Elementary School in South Carolina on Wednesday afternoon. It has been reported that a teenager, who is a suspect in this case, opened fire towards the playground at Townville Elementary School, injuring two children and one female teacher.

Jacob Hall was in critical condition following the shooting, and the other two victims appeared to not have life-threatening injuries. The other child was released from the hospital as of Wednesday evening, the New York Daily News reports.

A distant friend of the Hall family, South Carolina State Rep Alan Clemmons revealed that Jacob was considered clinically dead two times prior, but the medical team was able to revive him.

In a post by Clemmons on Wednesday evening, he requested prayers for Jacob’s recovery. However, an update has been added to the post stating that Jacob has died.

“The saddest news… Little Jacob has been removed from life support and has gone on to a better place. He has touched many lives through he and his family’s tragedy. Thank you, America, for your prayers for Jacob during the past few days.”

According to Independent Mail, the teenager accused in the school shooting is being charged with murder and attempted murder. Not only did Jacob Hall die as a result of the teenager’s alleged rampage, but his own father lost his life at the hands of his son, as well.

His father’s body was located inside his home three miles from Townville Elementary School just after the teen opened fire at the school playground. It is believed that the teen took his father’s life, then proceeded to act out the shooting at Townville Elementary School.

When the shooting occurred at the school, a volunteer firefighter, Jamie Brock, immediately took action and took the teen, Jesse Osborne, into custody. Scott Stoller, who is with Anderson County Emergency Management, said that the firefighter “wants to remain humble and quiet about it.

“Brock is absolutely a hero.”

Meghan Hollingsworth, a first grade teacher at Townville Elementary School was a victim of the shooting, as well.

Osborne was home-schooled, therefore no connections or motives have been made as of yet, New York Daily News revealed.

Garland Major, Police Captain, made a statement.

“There are no racial undertones there. There’s no terrorism involved. We’re confident we have the sole shooter and no one else is involved.”

The children were taken to a nearby church where parents were told to pick their children up following the school shooting.

When the 14-year-old accused in the attack had his first hearing on Friday, he stood by Frank Eppes, his lawyer. Osborne decided to stay quiet during the brief detention hearing.

Investigators at the scene of Townsville, South Carolina, school shooting
Townville Elementary School shooting [Image by Rainier Ehrhardt/AP Images File]

Osborne is housed with other juvenile delinquents, but was charged with murder and three counts of attempted murder; However, this will likely change now that another victim has since died as a result of his hideous acts.

A GoFundMe page has been created for Jacob Hall following the shooting and has so far accrued nearly $130,000 for Jacob’s family.

“Jacob’s family and myself would like to say thank you to everyone once again for all of the love, support and donations!! God bless each and every one of you!!!”

It is a total tragedy and prayers go out to Jacob’s family and friends. A second hearing for Jesse Osborne is likely going to be within the next 40 days. We will keep you updated with the most current information regarding this case against the accused teen.

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