Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Vs Galaxy S9: Rumored Secret Weapons Of The 2017 & 2018 Flagship Devices

Samsung Galaxy S8 is not even here yet. In fact, right now, there’s nothing going around but rumors and leaks about its specs. And yet, as early as now, assumptions are already circulating online about possible specs and features of presumptive Galaxy S8 successor, the Samsung Galaxy S9.

According to ORNL news website, Samsung signed up an exclusive licensing deal with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for a new technology which could be applied in the tech conglomerate’s line of smartphones and other electronic products. Can consumers experience this as one of the specs of a future Samsung Galaxy smartphone? The post further reads below, describing this new tech.

“ORNL’s development of a transparent coating that repels water that carries away dust and dirt, reduces light reflection and resists fingerprints and smudges resulted from approximately three years of superhydrophobic research on glass-based coatings.”

Through this technology, there’s a huge possibility that Samsung may soon release smartphones with specs that could take water resistance to a new level. “To be superhydrophobic, a surface must achieve a water droplet contact angle exceeding 150 degrees,” the post on ORNL’s news web page explained. “ORNL’s coating has a contact angle of between 155 and 165 degrees, so water literally bounces off, taking away dust particles.”

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs News
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Co-inventor of the technology, Tolga Aytug, shared that Samsung’s main interest for striking a deal for this new technology is to apply this on electronic devices including tablets and phones and basically on other electronic products equipped with glass-based covers on the screens such as television and refrigerator screens.

Since it is still in development, it seems impossible for Samsung’s next big thing, the Galaxy S8, to already be equipped with this innovative feature. Thus, tech experts are speculating that it is more likely for this glass coating technology to be one of the highlighted specs of the Samsung Galaxy S9. But if the tech world fails to see this glass coating innovation as part of the specs and features of the Galaxy S8 successor in 2018, then the next best bet is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the first flagship to boast this technology.

Could this innovative glass coating treatment be one of Samsung Galaxy S9’s secret weapons? Watch the video below to learn more about superhydrophobic glass coating technology.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S8 specs rumor mill continues to make waves with the latest suggesting that the smartphone is getting a powerful graphics chipset (ARM’s Mali-G71), which is reportedly almost twice as powerful than the one used in Galaxy S7, according to a previous post from The Inquisitr. As for the display specs, Galaxy S8 will purportedly have a 4k resolution screen which is usually 3840 x 2160 pixels.

“That much power in both graphical ability and in computational power (with an octa-core SnapDragon system-on-chip) paired with an ultra high definition screen suggests that the Galaxy S8′s secret weapon will be VR,” Forbes noted.

Earlier rumors said that camera specs of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will include a 12MP or 13MP dual shooter. However, new reports are proposing a much higher megapixel for the upcoming phone’s camera. Tech Radar, citing Weibo, reported that latest leak pertaining to the Galaxy S8 specs revealed that it may get a whopping 30MP rear snapper with optical image stabilization. The front-facing selfie shooter may have a 9MP lens.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Rumors and Leaks
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The leak also suggested that one of the new features and specs to expect from the Galaxy S8 is a built-in mini projector although Tech Radar noted that this functionality “seems an unlikely inclusion.” However, if Samsung is strongly keen on offering new tech, innovations, and unique mobile features through its purported 2017 Galaxy smartphone, then a built-in projector may really be something to look forward to come its official release.

If the leaked Galaxy S8’s specs pan out to be the official ones, it may impress tech fans even more as it will reportedly boast a 3.2GHz octa-core Snapdragon processor (likely the Snapdragon 830) and 6GB of RAM, Tech Radar added.

Furthermore, if the freshest specs leak is to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy S8 might also be packed with a 4200mAh battery, fingerprint and retina scanner and a wireless and fast-charging functionality. Storage options include 64GB and 128 GB with an option for memory expansion via a microSD card.

All these purported Galaxy S8 specs going around remain unconfirmed and unofficial, thus, tech fans are expected to take them with a grain of salt.

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