NY Judge Refuses To Unseal Ivana Trump Donald Trump Divorce Proceedings

Even though the media has been eager to get their hands on the divorce proceedings and agreement of Donald and Ivana Trump's divorce, a New York judge has ruled that the records will remain sealed. The New York Times and Gannett have made attempts to get their hands on these documents on the grounds that the "voting public" has a right to know more about Donald Trump, a presidential candidate, as his treatment of women has been a bone of contention.

Donald Trump's campaign has brought up a number of skeletons from his past including business ventures and marriages says the Inquisitr. Because of theses issues, Trump had difficulty finding a running mate, largely due to the controversy and strong opinions he has expressed. It is thought that some of the information hidden in the divorce files could be incredibly damaging if it was released.

But the New York Daily News says that Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Frank Nervo wrote in his decision that he has no power and no business unsealing the Trump divorce file. Judge Nervo perceives that releasing the records would be akin to the court injecting itself in the political process.

"Were the court to make the confidential records available for journalistic, and thus public, scrutiny, it would impermissibly inject itself into the political process by making the value judgment of what information is useful in determining the present candidate's, or any other candidate's, fitness for office."

Judge Nervo claims that short of upholding election law, the court has no place in any election. The judge confirmed that the Trumps divorced after thirteen years of marriage, and abided by the terms of their post nuptial agreement. Donald Trump gave Ivana Trump a lump sum of ten million dollars and $350k a year as maintenance.


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But for those who have thought that Ivana Trump's silence in the presidential must be due to a gag order, the judge did confirm that a gag is in place.

"Ivana agreed to various conditions, including one that prohibited her, without Trump's consent, from 'directly or indirectly publishing or causing to be published any account of the marriage or (Trump's) personal, financial or business affairs'."

But Judge Nervo's refusal to make Ivana and Donald Trump's divorce record public hasn't stopped information about the proceedings to leak out, including the lengths that Donald Trump allegedly went to in order to avoid admitting to infidelity, says The Huffington Post. In the summer of 1990, Donald Trump had started a relationship with his soon to be second wife, Marla Maples, while going through a divorce with Ivana Trump. When Ivana Trump's lawyers asked Donald Trump under oath, over and over again about his dealings with other women, he took the fifth.

"Instead of answering, Donald Trump invoked his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. Over the course of five depositions that summer, he was asked approximately 100 questions related to marital infidelity. He pleaded the Fifth on 97 of them."

Donald Trump biographer Wayne Barrett stressed that even though Donald Trump professes his love of the Second Amendment, during his divorce, the Fifth Amendment was put into action the most.

"Donald preaches about his devotion to the Second Amendment, but it was the Fifth Amendment that was his favorite when he was deposed in the divorce with Ivana."

And the Fifth Amendment is the one that Donald Trump is railing against in his bid to become President of the United States. Donald Trump has likened anyone who takes the Fifth Amendment to a criminal.

"So there are five of them taking the Fifth Amendment, like you see on the mob, right? If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?"

Ivana Trump's lawyers hammered away at this point, wondering out loud why Donald Trump persisted in taking the Fifth Amendment when it came to general questions about infidelity and questions about Marla Maples.

Do you think Ivana and Donald Trump's divorce records should be fully unsealed?

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