Carman Jenkins, Clarence Jenkins: ‘Snapped Killer Couples’—Polygamy Dismemberment Case Out Of South Carolina On Oxygen Documentary

Carman Jenkins and Clarence Jenkins, a pair of South Carolina killers, are the latest deadly duo to air on Snapped: Killer Couples. Authorities say that Carman Jenkins and her husband, Clarence Jenkins, slaughtered and dismembered innocent victim, Mekole Harris, to bully Grace Davis into coming back to their marital home to continue their three-way marriage. Carman Jenkins is serving 40 years in prison. Clarence Jenkins was sentenced to life.

From Church Girl To Killer

They say Carman Jenkins was a good girl. She loved going to church and had a sweet disposition. However, the minute that she came involved with Clarence Jenkins, an ex-con who manipulated her through brainwashing and sex, her entire life changed.

Clarence Jenkins was the type of man who liked total control over his women. He would take them to bed and use his sexual skill to twist womens’ emotions to the point that they would be willing to do anything for him.

That’s what Greenville, South Carolina, police say happened to Carman Jenkins. Before long, Carman had ditched the church and married Clarence Jenkins.

Soon, Clarence was bringing other women to their bed for threesomes. Grace Davis was one attractive woman who began having an affair with Clarence Jenkins while he was married to Carman. Eventually, he introduced Carman as a member of his family. Someone else had to tell Grace Davis that Carman was really his wife.


A Marriage Made For Three

Carman, Grace, and Clarence began living and sleeping together. Later, Clarence convinced the women to marry him in a three-way ceremony at their home. It remained that way until Clarence Jenkins was arrested again and sent to prison, which allowed the emotional and sexual bond between Carman Jenkins and Grace Davis to become stronger.

Once Clarence Jenkins was released, they took up where they had left off, but by this time Grace Davis wanted to have full custody of her children, which was not possible as long as she had the children living at Clarence’s home. Determined to make a better life for her children, Grace packed her bags.

After she left, Carman Jenkins was devastated. She was in love with Grace and wanted to be with her. She complained to Clarence, who demanded that Grace come back to the home. He used threats and intimidation, and when that didn’t work, he decided to kidnap a strange woman, dismember her body, and place the bloody garbage bags at the home of two of Grace Davis’ relatives so she would come back.

The authorities were able to match the chopped off feet and hands to the fingerprints of a homeless prostitute on file named Mekole Harris. Authorities say out of nowhere, Clarence Jenkins kidnapped Mekole Harris and took her back to his trailer, where they tied her up and killed her. In court, according to Fox Carolina, Carman Jenkins described how the murder was carried out.

“Carman Jenkins said that her husband pretended to be a police officer, convincing Harris that he would keep her out of jail if she helped them. She said they tied Harris up, and then made her call Davis’s family to extort $10,000 from them. Harris was tied up for about a day before the couple killed her. She said they then chopped off Harris’s hands and feet, took her body to Paris Mountain and burned it.”

Though Mekole Harris had struggled in her life with drugs and often bounced from house to house, her mother believes that she didn’t deserve to die in such a gruesome manner, according to WYFF-4.

“She was on drugs for a very long time and she had started when she was very young,” Jessie Harris said. “She didn’t deserve this. She didn’t deserve to die like that. Just tell us where she is, please. We need to know,” she said. “Bring her where she can be seen.”

Carman and Clarence Jenkins were arrested and charged with Mekole’s murder. Mekole Harris’ story has been played out on TV One’s Fatal Attraction and Investigation Discovery’s Deadly Women.

Watch Snapped: Killer Couples version this Saturday, October 1, at 9/8 p.m. Central on Oxygen. Last week, the Oxygen-based crime show profiled the case of Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear.

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