‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: One Major Character Death Confirmed! Will Negan Kill Daryl Next? [Spoilers]

Daryl might be in serious trouble when The Walking Dead returns for Season 7.

Leaked episode descriptions reveal that Daryl and Negan will be spending some quality time together this season. Should fans worry about Daryl’s fate?

iDigital Times is reporting that Daryl will not return to Alexandria with the rest of the group. Instead, the character will spend some time with Negan at the Sanctuary.

Photos from the second episode show Daryl sporting pale brown scrubs with a red letter A.

Apparently, Daryl becomes one of Negan’s prisoners and is being held to ensure that Rick and everyone else fulfills their end of the bargain with Negan.


The end of Season 6 introduced Negan as the show’s newest villain.

We still don’t know who Negan kills in the Season 7 premiere, though rumors hint that two characters might meet their unexpected end.

After killing one or two of Rick’s group, Negan would definitely hold a lot of power over the group, especially if he is holding Daryl hostage.


According to Game N Guide, Negan kills both Glenn and Abraham, though that has not been officially confirmed. But Glenn’s death has been reported by multiple sources; check out the video below for confirmation.

In hindsight, Rick should have taken Morgan’s advice and tried to work out a deal with Negan.

Speaking of Morgan, iDigital Times reports that he has a lot of work ahead if he wants to save Carol’s life.

When asked about her character’s future on the show, Melissa McBride revealed that Carol’s biggest obstacle is trying to recover mentally from everything that happened last season on The Walking Dead.

“Just because Morgan carried out that action, I don’t know if that’s going to change Carol’s mind about how she feels herself in this world. I mean, it’s an inevitability. How can she live with what’s inevitable, is the problem? There’s really no getting around it and she knows that, and now Morgan realizes that, but that doesn’t change Carol’s mind about herself in this world. Or does it?”

For now, it doesn’t appear like Carol wants to live around anybody out of fear of having to kill to protect them. This includes those she cares about in Alexandra.

Morgan still has to convince Carol that being around others is the key to survival and that life is worth living.

Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus
[Photo by: Jordin Althaus/AMC]

As fans will recall, Carol almost lost her life after leaving Alexandria to get away from the group. Fortunately, Entertainment Weekly reports that she got away in one piece, though she had to kill several men in the process.

“I would agree that I don’t think it would have mattered in that moment to her if that Savior had just taken her out,” McBride stated. “And this is just the despair that she’s feeling, this internal despair that she’s feeling, and it’s going to be interesting in season 7 to see how this plays out in this new world.”

In the comics, Carol goes through a similar meltdown, and her depression doesn’t end well.

Will Morgan be able to convince Carol to return to the group?

“There may still be philosophical differences,” McBride added in regard to Carol and Morgan. “Now that Morgan had that moment where he chose to take another life to defend someone he cared about, that puts a hole in his philosophy, or his ability to maintain that philosophy. So what does that do to their relationship? We’ll have to see. Are they any closer to living in some common agreement or not?”

Fans will have to wait and see what unfolds with Carol. It is known, however, that Morgan takes her to King Ezekiel and the Kingdom.


Whether or not that helps their situation is yet to be seen.

Season 7 of The Walking Dead is set to premiere on AMC on Oct. 23.

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