Disturbing ISIS Rewards Program: Extremist Snitches On Brother, Gets 3 Christian And Yazidi Sex Slaves

A captured ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) fighter has revealed that the Islamic State now offers a reward to its extremist members for snitching on defectors and/or deserters. According to the militant, ISIS is now giving its fighters sex slaves for providing information about those who would leave its ranks. In fact, the captive told interrogators that he received three women, two Christians and a Yazidi, to use as his personal sex slaves after turning in his own brother as a potential deserter.

The Sun reported this week that, in an interview on Alaan TV in the United Arab Emirates (and released in part on video by the Middle East Media Research Institute), Abu Al-Mughaira Al-Muhajer, an ISIS fighter captured during the battle in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo, revealed that Islamic State leaders were now rewarding loyal ISIS members with sex slaves. Islamic State emirs were buying sex slaves solely for the purpose of handing them out to their fighters. All that was required was information regarding those not so loyal to the Islamic State cause. Al-Muhajer said he informed on his brother, who was talking of leaving ISIS, and was rewarded with three sex slaves, a Yazidi girl from Damascus and two Christians from Homs.

“After I informed on my brother who wanted to leave ISIS, I was rewarded with the slave girls – one from Damascus and two from Homs.”

The women were treated poorly, he said. They had been “beaten on their backs.”

A bound sex slave

But, Al-Muhajer said, his ISIS commanders had lied to him when they told him the women had been captured in battle, “but it turned out they were wives of FSA (Free Syrian Army) fighters from the Islamic Front. So I went to the emir and told him that they were not slave girls or anything.”

“He admitted that they were wives of FSA fighters, but said that they too needed to be captured.”

The Islamic State operates under a fundamentalist religious version of sharia law that regards any religion other than its own extremist views as apostate, that anyone not adhering to its brand of doctrine could be killed, enslaved, or converted. Although it captures and kills Christians and other religious minorities (and even Muslims that do not adhere to ISIS’ strict doctrine) in the area with impunity, ISIS allows for conversion to Islam for some. However, ISIS has declared genocidal war on the Yazidis, a small religion relegated to the Kurdistan areas of the Middle East and made up primarily of ethnic Kurds. The extremists consider Yazidis pagans and subhuman and have even littered their propaganda with pronouncements of eliminating the religious group.

Disturbingly, there is no follow-up to the ISIS fighter’s account of his brother, so it is unclear as to the man’s fate. But if history serves as an indicator, Al-Muhajer will never see that brother alive again.

The flag of the Islamic State

As the Inquisitr reported in mid-August, ISIS usually executes those they see as traitorous to its cause. A case in point: The uncovering of a mass grave containing the bound bodies of 200 dead extremists at al-Khalediya Island in Anbar Province in Iraq. Witnesses say the men were bound and placed in a vehicle where they succumbed to carbon monoxide gas poisoning, the bodies subsequently and unceremoniously dumped in the mass grave. The men, all former ISIS fighters, had been convicted in a sharia court for deserting their posts during the fighting at al-Khalediya Island.

But that was not the first episode of mass execution of deserters by ISIS. It is a practice that has been going on since before the al Qaeda terrorist group offshoot declared itself a worldwide caliphate in 2014. Another particularly gruesome incident (per the Inquisitr) occurred in May when, after a battle outside Qayyarah in Nineveh Province, 45 ISIS fighters who had fled the battlefield were forced into a mass grave and buried alive by their former comrades.

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