Natural Remedies: Top 5 'Cures' To Harvest From The Forest

Tara Dodrill

Native Americans and early pioneers made use of the natural remedies to help heal wounds, soothe pain, and to treat common ailments. A growing segment of society has decided to hearken back to the old ways instead of running to the local pharmacy when faced with mild or moderate medical issues.

Some folks are becoming fans of alternative medicine or natural remedies out of necessity. The high cost of health insurance premiums and deductibles, coupled with the ever-increasing price of prescription medicine, has simply made going to the doctor for non-emergency issues, unaffordable.

A desire to ingest only natural or organic items is another reason why more Americans are being lured away from pharmaceutical drugs which contain synthetic and difficult to pronounce ingredients.

Off-the-grid families and "preppers" who want to possess an ample and easy to replenish supply of medication for themselves and loved ones, especially if disaster strikes, are also turning to the forest and their own backyards to discover natural ways to heal what ails them.

No matter what the reason for looking to the great outdoors to find alternative medicine offerings for home remedies, opportunities appear to abound. Using trees and plants for healing is also often referred to as holistic medicine, survival medicine, or wilderness medicine.

Top 5 Medicinal Trees

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