‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: September 30 ‘BBOTT’ Weekday Replay Recap Includes BB Bug, Jason’s Fears, New Alliance, Week 1 HOH

The Friday, September 30, Weekday Recap of Big Brother: Over the Top offered insight into what’s been taking place over the past 24 hours as the 13 houseguests got to know one another better, formed alliances, and participated in the season’s first Head of Household (HOH) competition.


The recap streamed at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS All Access and began where Thursday’s recap ended, as Big Brother: Over the Top houseguests gathered around a strange looking bottle filled with blue liquid. The bottle had a placard next to it that read, “Only one may drink. Expect the unexpected.”


Little did the cast members know, according to the CBS All Access stream, the blue potion, that looked something akin to mouthwash, was there to kick off the first Big Brother: Over the Top HOH competition.


Houseguest Justin Duncan expressed his concern that drinking the concoction may cause severe diarrhea, but Shane Chapman was fearless and chose to take a swig of the strange brew. As he swallowed the liquid, Shane’s fellow houseguests cheered him on, but a strange alert was bombarding them over the house speakers. Suddenly, a man could be heard shouting with urgency in his voice, “Shane! You’ve been infected! Get to the Diary Room immediately!”


Once in the Diary Room, Shane learned he’d been infected with the BB Bug and was required to wear a black shirt with a large, unattractive red insect on it. Shane noted it was now his task to infect someone else by giving them a very large BB Bug necklace he was tasked to wear, which would then require the cast member he chooses to also wear an infected shirt. This process repeated itself among house mates until the last person who was uninfected became the first HOH of Big Brother: Over the Top.


Thus, houseguests had to infect one another strategically, choosing to give the BB Bug to a player they did not want to gain control of the Big Brother: Over the Top house in Week 1.

Shane had no idea what to do, so he met with his close ally, Monte Massongill, telling him he wanted to “get a girl out first.” Monte told Shane he wanted to be the first Big Brother: Over the Top HOH because it was the only way to guarantee they’d be safe, at least for the week. Together, Shane and Monte decided Shane would infect Danielle Lickey.


Danielle infected Justin, saying he didn’t want to be HOH this week anyway, so it was easy to give him the BB Bug. Justin laughed, commenting in the Diary Room that “My baby gave me the BB virus.” Justin was quick to infect Shelby Stockton with the obtrusive bug.


As all this was going on, sisters Alex and Morgan Willett decided to try and work together, although that was not in either of their original game plans. While primping in the bathroom area, they found themselves alone and whispered something about targeting Danielle for eviction. They couldn’t say much more, as their conversation ended when another houseguest started to head their way.

The BB bug continued to spread, as infected Shelby gave it to Scott Dennis, who in turn, infected Neeley Jackson, who infected Kryssie Ridolfi, who gladly accepted the infection.


Kryssie told Neeley she did not want to be the first Big Brother: Over the Top HOH, because to do so would be tantamount to “suicide.” In the Diary Room Kryssie quipped, “This is the first ever infection I have voluntarily taken.”

Morgan was the next cast member to gladly accept the BB Bug, but Jason Roy, the veteran Big Brother 17 player, did not want the infection.

Jason was concerned about his safety in the Big Brother: Over the Top house and hoped he could become this week’s HOH. He told Scott and Shelby, “I’m nervous about this crab thing at this point.”

Jason noted everyone is playing very “nice” and like they’re in “kindergarten,” but at this point in the game, some of the uninfected scare him. He said in the Diary Room that he dreads being a returning player and being kicked out of the game by a bunch of “newbies.”

In the kitchen area, Monte, Morgan, and Cornbread began plotting against Jason, with Morgan revealing everyone wants Jason infected because no one wants him to be HOH. She added that Jason told her he definitely wants to be the Week 1 HOH. Morgan, who carried the infected necklace at the time, expressed fear over giving Jason the BB Bug. Cornbread stepped up and asked to be infected, saying he would then infect Jason.


Later in the evening, Jason, Scott, Shelby, Justin, and Kryssie formed a new alliance called the “OTT Jamboree,”as they sat lounging in the Big Brother: Over the Top backyard.


The following morning, Morgan followed through with the plan she made with Cornbread and Monte by infecting Cornbread with the BB Bug, who then infected Jason according to the scheme. Jason chose Whitney Hogg to infect, who was subsequently approached by Monte. He promised to keep her safe is she kept him uninfected, so Whitney spread the bug to Alex, leaving Monte the Week 1 HOH of Big Brother: Over the Top, according to Big Brother Network.


As Friday’s recap ended, it was noted that Monte now has the power, and the next step in the game is to determine who will be safe in the Big Brother: Over the Top house and who will be up for eviction. Additionally, very soon Big Brother host Julie Chen will apparently have more surprise announcements for the cast members.

Big Brother: Over the Top streams 24 hours a day, seven days a week on CBS All Access, with CBS promising no blackouts, even during competitions. Every night at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, the show will air a Weekday Replay of house events, however, the show’s regular schedule is as follows (it should be noted all times shown are Eastern):


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4 p.m. – Power of Veto Competition


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10:30 p.m. – Live Diary Room Sessions


10 p.m. – Weekly Full Episode

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12 a.m. – Head of Household (HOH) Competition


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10:30 p.m. – Live Diary Room Sessions


4 p.m. – Weekly Have Not Reveal

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