Twitch Prime Comes To Amazon Ad-Free For Members

On Sept. 30, Twitch and Amazon announced the new service Twitch Prime that is now available ad-free for Amazon Prime members. The service geared towards gamers is the latest benefit to join the Amazon Prime family. Prime members have access to free digital games, discounts on games including pre-order and new releases and a free monthly subscription to a Twitch channel every 30 days. Those who want to sign up for a free, 30-day Amazon Prime trial membership will have access to Twitch Prime. Current Amazon Prime members can visit the Twitch Prime site to connect their accounts and begin using the service.

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear released a statement regarding the new service and its benefits to Prime members.

“Twitch Prime is one of those unique cases where we have an opportunity to build a product that is equally great for all of our customers—streamers, viewers, and game developers. Offering subscriptions free through Prime saves money for viewers while supporting streamers to build their community. Free games and in-game content are always a hit with gamers, but they also let developers reach millions of new potential players. When Amazon acquired Twitch, the first thing the community asked was, ‘when will Twitch be bundled in with Amazon Prime?’ Twitch Prime answers that question in a way that speaks to our community.”

The announcement that Amazon would acquire Twitch was first made in an August 2014 press release. Twitch released further details during TwitchCon 2016.

You may watch Emmett Shear as he announces the official launch at TwitchCon in the video player below.

The excitement surrounding Twitch Prime has been great since the first announcement in 2014. From the beginning, Twitch as well as Amazon Prime members have questioned how the service would work. Now that the details have been revealed, the response on social media networks has been positive. Gamers on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter shared posts, tweets and comments regarding the launch and their excitement regarding the service’s numerous benefits. Those unfamiliar with Twitch may learn about the gaming service at the official website.

One benefit that seems to be causing a lot of excitement is the free loot. The loot changes on a monthly basis. The official Twitch website released a schedule for Twitch loot beginning with the Sept. 30 launch. The following is the loot release schedule as stated in the press release.

From September 30 until November 6, members will have access to Tyrande Whisperwind. The next free loot will be from the game Streamline. Those freebies will be available from September 30 until November 1.

Two additional freebies are from TwitchCon and run from September 30 until October 2. They include two skins from Smite and Paladins.

Amazon Prime features many advantages that will benefit Twitch subscribers. Prime members enjoy free, two-day shipping on qualifying items, access to Prime Videos, photo storage, Prime Music and early access to Amazon Lightning Deals. Though current Twitch subscribers don’t need to join Amazon Prime in order to enjoy their subscriptions, the combination of Twitch and Prime provides multiple benefits. Those who aren’t current members are encouraged to sign up for a free trial in order to experience all that Twitch Prime offers. An annual Prime membership costs $99.

In honor of the launch, Twitch and GameChanger Charity have entered a partnership. GameChanger Charity focuses on providing experiences for terminally ill children. From Sept. 30 until Oct. 5, Twitch pledges to donate $100,000 to the group for every 100,000 channel subscriptions. The partnership applies to all Twitch accounts, whether it was purchased through Prime or previously. Twitch Prime is available in the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. For those countries without access, members can continue with their subscriptions through Twitch’s main site.

[Featured Image by Business Wire Press Release]