TNA Rumors: Dixie Carter Receives Funding For ‘Bound For Glory,’ Avoids WWE Sale

TNA fans have been sitting on pins and needles over the past couple of days because rumors have been swirling around about the potential demise of the company this upcoming weekend. However, it looks like the situation might have been resolved. According to Wrestling Inc, Dixie Carter has secured the funding required to go through with Bound For Glory.

The status of the Bound For Glory pay-per-view has been among the most discussed topics in professional wrestling this week. Reports have surfaced that TNA might need to cancel their biggest event of the year if they were not able to come up with the necessary funding to make it happen.

Professional wrestling fans were buzzing this week when it was revealed that several entities were in the running to purchase TNA from Dixie Carter and her family. Billy Corgan confirmed that through various media appearances. The Smashing Pumpkins lead singer is trying to purchase a majority share himself.


The most interesting entity that was in the running to purchase TNA was none other than Vince McMahon. Though he would never admit it, the company is the closest thing that WWE has to competition. World Wrestling Entertainment is, of course, leading by a wide margin over competitors.

While doing an interview with ESPN, Billy Corgan flat out admitted that if Vince McMahon really wanted to purchase TNA at this point in time, then he could outbid all of the other interested parties. WWE has a tremendous amount of money and can spend it on purchases such as this.

Vince McMahon once shocked the world when he announced that his company had purchased WCW. This was after a long and entertaining war between World Championship Wrestling and WWE. Buying out his top competitor enabled him to convince his fan base that he had won the war.

Vince McMahon buying TNA
Vince McMahon [Image via WWE]

TNA has never posed the same level of threat to WWE as WCW once did. However, Vince McMahon would still love to be able to purchase their brand and end the promotion. It would be another notch on his belt as a businessman.

In purchasing TNA, Vince McMahon would be receiving more than a decade of content from a promotion that has produced some of the more entertaining moments in the industry. There are plenty of classic matches in the library that would be tremendous additions to the WWE Network.

By purchasing TNA and shutting down the promotion, Vince McMahon can also increase the talent base of his roster by convincing wrestlers to sign up with his NXT brand. The company already employs Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, and Austin Aries, all three of whom were former world heavyweight champions in Total Nonstop Action.

Bobby Roode in NXT
Bobby Roode [Image via WWE]

Two guys that WWE can finally bring in would be Mike Bennett and Moose, former ROH stars who chose to go to TNA instead. Without a steady place of employment, it might be easier to convince those two to sign with World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE can also convince former stars to return as well by purchasing TNA. Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are once again the hottest thing in the business. Bobby Lashley has improved tremendously. So has Maria Kanellis. Many of those performers might be enticed to rejoin World Wrestling Entertainment if they were to lose their steady source of income.

Regardless of what ends up happening this weekend, Bound For Glory is going to be in the background because everyone wants to know if Dixie Carter can truly keep TNA from its demise. It would be a big moment in professional wrestling history if that happens.

[Image via Impact Wrestling]