‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Love Triangles You’ll Never Get Over

What good would a medical drama be without a few love triangles in the mix? Over the 13 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has certainly had its fair share of love triangles for fans to enjoy. In fact, the leading lady, Meredith Grey, is currently in the middle of a love triangle as Season 13 is underway. According to Entertainment Tonight, Meredith Grey’s current love triangle is just starting to get juicy.

The question is – which love triangles have been fan favorites as the years have progressed?

1. Meredith and Derek and Addison

Meredith, Derek, and Addison – how could the very first love triangle of the series not make this list? While it was not uncommon for fans to love both Meredith and Addison, chances are pretty good you were either team Meredith or team Addison when the two were competing for Derek’s heart. While, for a long time, the man appeared to be very unsure of what he wanted – eventually he ended up settling down with Meredith.

2. Meredith and Derek and Finn

In Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith is certainly no stranger to finding herself in a position of having to choose between two hot doctors. When Derek initially makes the decision to try to work things out with his wife, Addison, Meredith starts dating a veterinarian named Finn Dandridge in an attempt to get over him. Things are going pretty well for Meredith and McVet until Derek decides Addison isn’t who he really wants and he confesses his love for Meredith. Both men chase after Meredith’s heart and force her to make a decision. Most fans would agree it was pretty hard to feel sympathetic for her as she had to choose between one hot doctor or one hot vet.

3. Izzie and Denny and Alex

This was easily one of the most heart-breaking love triangles in the history of Grey’s Anatomy. Who didn’t want Izzie and Alex to have a happily ever after? For whatever reason (possibly the fact that Denny was a fairly attractive dying man) Izzie ended up choosing him over Alex. Even after Denny died and Izzie went back with Alex, she ended up having an affair with the ghost of Denny while in a relationship with Alex. Poor Alex did nothing but love and support Izzie only to get left alone in the end. To this day, no one really knows what happened to Izzie or if she is even still alive.

4. Bailey and Eli and Ben

Grey’s Anatomy fans were never really sure if Bailey and Eli were ever a “real thing” or if Bailey was just trying to have a little harmless fun. When Ben made a reappearance, it was clear he wasn’t too happy to see Bailey dating anyone but him. This love triangle didn’t last for too long, as Bailey ultimately ended up with Ben, but it certainly was entertaining while it lasted.

5. Richard and Ellis and Adele

Arguably, the love triangle between Meredith, Derek, and Addison may have not really been the first one in the history show. This is because the triangle of love between Richard, his wife Adele, and Meredith’s mother transcended back into history which took place before the show actually started. There was even an episode of Grey’s Anatomy when viewers got to see what life would have been like for Meredith if Richard had left his wife, Adele, to be with Ellis instead.

6. Catherine and Richard and Adele

This particular love triangle is arguably just as tragic as the one between Izzie, Alex, and Denny. Richard is struggling with the fact that he is lonely and still wants to be loyal to his wife, but his wife doesn’t remember who he is. He ultimately decides to explore a relationship with Catherine, but comes to regret it when Adele is rushed to the hospital and ends up dying. In the moment, Richard believed that if he wouldn’t have been focusing on Catherine he could have noticed symptoms and prevented his wife from dying. Richard struggled to continue his relationship with Catherine after his wife died, but ultimately decided to let her back in to his heart.

7. Izzie and George and Callie

Unless you were a Grey’s Anatomy fan who really liked Izzie, chances are pretty good this love triangle upset you because she assumed the role of a home wrecker. One moment when George and Izzie were drunk and overcome by passion ruined his marriage with Callie. At first, fans were not really sure where this love triangle was going to go as Callie was willing to forgive George and stay married to him. George, however, struggled with his feelings for Callie. The relationship between George and Callie ultimately came to an end. While George and Izzie did explore their feelings for each other, that relationship never seemed to go anywhere.

8. Arizona and Callie and Mark

This has easily been one of the strangest love triangles in the history of Grey’s Anatomy. It also has a warm spot in everyone’s hearts as these three characters ended up in a weird threesome relationship as parents. Arizona and Callie were married, but Mark and Callie accidentally made a baby together. While all three were never romantic or intimate with each other, this was one love triangle that continued to last as long as the character did.

If you are keeping up with Grey’s Anatomy, Episode 3 of Season 13 airs on Thursday, October 6. Check out a brief preview of the episode below:

The only questions left are: which love triangle from Grey’s Anatomy was your favorite and which one was your least favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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