‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Carly Waddell And Evan Bass Have Been Apart This Week: Are They Still Together?

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass had a rocky start on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, but they overcame the odds and fell in love. As the season began to wind down and when the season concluded, these two were inseparable. Carly and Evan both live in Nashville, so seeing each other and moving forward with their relationship after Paradise was never an issue. They even did pretty well at hiding their relationship from the world until the finale aired, except for one slip-up where Carly posted a photo of herself in Evan’s kitchen.

Once Carly and Evan’s engagement was made public on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale and on After Paradise, they instantly became a fan favorite. They had a hurried relationship in Paradise, but they just seemed to be made for each other. When the season concluded, Carly shared with People that she and Evan have great communication. She said, “It’s what we had as friends and it’s what keeps us in love.” Carly even went so far as to say, “I just love Evan. I would marry him tomorrow!”

Everything has been much-deserved bliss for Carly up until now. This week Waddell took to Twitter to share that she and Evan had been apart for five days. Why were these two apart when they had seemed so inseparable? Are they still together as a couple? The truth is that Carly and Evan are still engaged, together and very much in love. Today Carly tweeted at Evan, “I miss u.” Evan responded with telling Carly he loved her.


Carly and Evan are completely adorable and fans love seeing all the updates they share with the Bachelor world. Fans love how open and full of humor they both are on social media. Carly and Evan are a very real, genuine couple that just happened to meet in an unusual circumstance, as other successful Bachelor couples have. Entertainment Tonight shared what many have felt all along and that is that Carly and Evan both have a weird, “mutual oddity that makes the relationship work.”

Fans love the conversations Carly and Evan share on Twitter. Just recently Waddell and Bass were tweeting about competing with their neighbors on who has the best Halloween decorations. The conversation continues to play out as they share updates on new items they have purchased or have seen the neighbors purchasing. Their sense of humor is part of what makes Carly and Evan such a perfect couple.


While Carly and Evan are going strong and are hopefully headed for the altar, there is one person who is not quite convinced they will ever see that day. This would be Evan’s ex-wife. Hollywood Life shared that Marie, Evan’s ex-wife, has said she does think Carly and Evan are a good couple. She just said she could not picture Evan getting remarried. Marie said while she is not sure a marriage will happen, she does wish Evan and Carly the best and hope they can make it work.

Carly has seemed to fit right into Evan’s world and already has a relationship with his three sons. When their engagement was shared with the world, Carly shared her excitement that she could finally follow Evan’s children on social media. They seem to like Carly too, or at least they follow her posts on the internet. Carly tweeted that even though Evan may not watch her Instagram stories, his children do. Waddell tweeted, “Secrets out my dog pooped on his couch.”


While no wedding date has been announced for Carly and Evan, the two are still in love and still planning to get married. Fans are hoping they will have a televised wedding like others before them. Waddell and Bass both seem open to the idea, so everyone will have to keep waiting to hear if it will happen. The love Carly and Evan share is indisputable. Seeing their happy banter on social media is proof they are beating the odds and making it work. Don’t forget to tune in and see if the new Bachelor, Nick Viall, can also beat the odds and find happily ever after. Viall’s season will be airing on ABC in January.

[Featured Image by Carly Waddell Instagram]