‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: ‘Over The Top’ Cast Has Its First HOH

Big Brother spoilers now include the first HOH for the Over The Top cast. These Big Brother spoilers come from Friday, September 30, as the first Head of Household competition finally came to an end. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates reveals that Monte Masongill is the first HOH. After a nearly 24-hour competition to begin the season, Monte has been given power over the BBOTT house.

The term “given” is used because he didn’t have to do anything to become the HOH this week. He became the HOH simply because the rest of the BBOTT house allowed him to take the position. The competition began when the houseguests were called to the living room to find a bottle of blue liquid. On the bottle was a note stating that only one of the houseguests could drink it. After some debate, Shane Chapman went over and drank it, setting off alarms in the house. He then went to the Diary Room for an explanation about what had happened.

As previous Big Brother spoilers indicated, Shane emerged from the Diary Room “infected.” He was eliminated from competing for the HOH and had been given a bug that would get passed around the Over The Top house. Shane would then choose someone else to eliminate, giving them the bug, and forcing them to wear a shirt with the bug on it. This would continue until 12 people had received the bug, leaving the 13th houseguest as the winner of the competition.

The final three people in the first Big Brother: Over The Top HOH competition were Monte Masongill, Whitney Hogg, and Alex Willett. When Whitney was given the bug, it was down to her to decide whether Monte or Alex would become the Head of Household. She decided to eliminate Alex, making Monte the first HOH of the season. Very soon he will have to start putting those power into play, but it will go a bit differently than how past seasons of the reality competition show have worked.

Soon Monte will host a Safety Ceremony, where he announces which houseguests have gained safety for the week. This will be used in place of the Nomination Ceremony, where an HOH would typically choose two people for eviction. Monte will be deciding in reverse order, in part because America also has to make a decision in the process. America gets to pick one of the nominees for eviction, so it will throw a wrench into any plans that the HOH and their alliance members work up each week.

The next round of Big Brother spoilers will start showing who Monte Masongill has started granting safety to in the BBOTT house. He doesn’t know that America is naming a third nominee, though, so it should be interesting to see how that plays out on the live feeds. Once all three nominees have been revealed to the BBOTT house and to the online viewers, the Power of Veto competition will take place. This gives everyone a shot at securing safety from the upcoming Eviction Ceremony on October 5.

For the 1st time in BB history, watch the DR sessions LIVE tonight @ 7:30PM PST/ 10:30PM EST https://t.co/p4U75xrK58https://t.co/92pVGjKapx

— BBOverTheTop (@BBOverTheTop) October 1, 2016

There is a lot going on in the Over The Top house, as was predicted by producers when they were advertising how much would be shown on the live feeds. Subscribers have more impact than during any season in the past, and that will quickly become very obvious through the first vote by America. Fans wanting to read up on those Big Brother spoilers as well as the full weekly schedule can take a look at a previous report by the Inquisitr.

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