‘Luke Cage’ Star Simone Missick: ‘I Got Shot In The Face!’

As advanced as we have become in creating fictional worlds through the use of special effects, accidents do still happen, as we’ve seen with Harrison Ford on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, or, more recently, while filming an episode of Marvel’s Luke Cage. Actress Simone Missick, who plays Misty Knight on Luke Cage, found herself coaxed into doing her own stunts, only to later regret it when a prop gun misfired. Now, Missick opens up about getting shot in the face and about other set accidents that resulted in further injuries.

Luke Cage proves heroes don’t always escape unscathed.

Luke Cage Star Simone Missick Gets Shot In The Face And Lives To Tell The Tale

In speaking with the Luke Cage actress, Comic Book discovered that Ms. Missick was left a little battered when a stunt involving gun play went south. Simone shares the story, revealing that she had planned to let her stunt double fill in for her, but the special effects team convinced her it was a routine sequence and everything would be fine. That may very well have been the feeling, but, as Simone can now attest, an accident can happen anytime, anyplace.

“I got shot in the face!” exclaimed Missick in the interview.

The Luke Cage star goes on to explain the conversation, preceding the shooting of the scene in which she ended up getting blasted in the face from the squib-equipped gun.

“Our lovely special effects team were like: ‘No, no! Don’t use a double. You’ll be fine!’ and I said: ‘Alright guys! I’ll trust you this time even though I’ve heard horrible things!’ And I got shot in the face and got a dozen roses the next day.”

Still, Simone says she can’t lay too much blame at the feet of the special effects team, considering she has been on the giving end of real Luke Cage injuries. Missick recalls busting someone’s lip with a pair of handcuffs, just before the holiday season. Certainly not the best time to end up with a fat lip!

“I also threw handcuffs at somebody and busted their lip right before the Thanksgiving holidays, so I’m not perfect,” confesses the Luke Cage star.

Simone Missick Says Luke Cage Is “Really Exciting”

Missick’s Luke Cage character, Misty Knight, is a police detective, and even though she’s not really the big hero of the Marvel show, Simone tells E! News that her character gets plenty of action. Speaking from the perspective of acting in her Luke Cage scenes but not from having seen the finished episodes, Missick gets the sense that the series will be packed with ample action and drama.

“It’s really exciting” Missick said at the premiere of Luke Cage. “I haven’t seen any episodes…but it feels like I am watching this woman who people have loved for years finally get a voice.”

Missick’s Misty Knight isn’t a new invention created for the TV series. Instead, Knight has been around in comic book form since 1975, when she was created by Marvel’s Tony Isabella and Arvell Jones. Since that time, Misty Knight has made her way through the stories of such superheroes as Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and X-Men. The character, now brought to life by Missick, has even received a bionic arm from Iron Man‘s Tony Stark.

On that last point, Simone is rather…cagey.

“I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I already have a bionic arm.”

Missick will say, however, that she’s grown quite fond of her Luke Cage character’s edgy persona. Asked about her favorite aspect of Misty Knight, Simone instantly fires back an answer with little thought.

“Her sense of humor. She is snarky and sarcastic and witty and still sexy and I love it,” says Ms. Missick.

Luke Cage, starring Mike Colter, Mahershala Ali, and Simone Missick, was released on Netflix today.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]