Ethan Allen Introduces The Disney Collection Of Furniture, And You Will Want To Purchase All Of It

The Walt Disney Company has partnered with numerous other companies and has created merchandise that fans love to own. Now, another new partnership has come together and it is one that could end up decorating the lives of Mickey Mouse fans around the world. Ethan Allen is releasing a brand new Disney collection of furniture and home accessories which have the mouse-eared fans in a frenzy.

Some people like to collect Disney pins and others enjoy collecting Disney figures. Fans are different around the world and find different things to display in their home, but Ethan Allen is making it that much easier to decorate because they have actual Disney furniture waiting for you.

As reported by the Orlando Sentinel, Ethan Allen’s Disney collection isn’t going to be released in full until Nov. 18, 2016. Still, there is a sneak peek look and sale for all those wanting to get a jump on things.

Yes, the Ethan Allen collection does include things such as chairs, Mickey Mouse ottomans, chests, coasters, pillows, and so much more. At 12:01 a.m. PT, on Sept. 29, a special pre-sale started on some items, and it is only going to last for a few days.

The pre-sale, though, it isn’t for everyone.

As reported by D23, the pre-sale at Ethan Allen is only for those who are D23 members. For those who aren’t yet members and want to take part in the pre-sale, you can sign up for a membership. There are three levels and the D23 general membership is totally free, while the Gold and Gold Family memberships can be purchased.

Let’s take a look at just some of the Disney items that Ethan Allen has in the collection. Some of which include introductory pricing if they are in the pre-sale, but some will have you waiting for the mid-November release to know how much they will cost.

disney ethan allen collection furniture photos
[Image by D23]

The Mickey Mouse Club Chair is probably one of the coolest pieces in the entire collection because well, who wouldn’t want to take a nap on it? Looking at it from above, and it being red, the pillows actually almost make it look like a Minnie Mouse chair.

This one isn’t going to be available until Nov. 18 and pricing is not yet known.

disney ethan allen collection furniture photos
[Image by D23]

Here is something that is simply known as the “Character Chest” and it sells for $1,599, but it’s incredibly cool. The old-school look of Mickey Mouse and Pluto has them taking one of the oldest selfies known to man, and you’ll be able to allow them to watch over your clothing and belongings.

This one is part of the pre-sale going on right now.

disney ethan allen collection furniture photos
[Image by D23]

This coffee table is a very cool design and it is known as the “Mickey Mouse Table,” but it is not yet available to purchase. So far, there is not a lot known about it as far as the details, but it does look to be a rather good size and the table can stay a standard round or have the two smaller tables pulled out to form Mickey’s ears.

disney ethan allen collection furniture photos
[Image by Ethan Allen]

The Mickey Mouse checkerboard square rug set is incredibly awesome and it is a part of the pre-sale, but it has a pretty hefty price tag. The run has dimensions of 7 feet, 10 inches by 7 feet, 10 inches so it’s incredibly large, but it goes for $699.

Disney fans are already going quite nuts over this new line from Ethan Allen, and many are joining D23 so they can take advantage of the pre-sale. If you’d like to look at some more items from the collection, be sure to check out what Ethan Allen has to offer.

Ethan Allen is successful enough on its own, but it never hurts to come together with a company that is even bigger. A partnership between them and Disney is kind of a perfect match because so many people love Mickey Mouse and everyone needs furniture or home accessories. Putting them together simply makes sense. While some of the pricing may seem a tad high, there are certainly Disney fans who are willing to pay to have their home decked in one of their favorite styles.

[Featured Image by Ethan Allen]