Where Has Kendall Jenner Been? Supermodel Not Working European Runways

Recently, Vogue September issue cover girl Kendall Jenner seemed to be on the wrong side of the Atlantic, far from the prestigious London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. While pals like Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and Karlie Kloss walked several designer shows in Europe, Kendall Jenner appeared to have had a lot of downtime. While even Rhianna walked down the runway at Dior at the Paris show and the Kardashians were front and center at the Balmain show, she just arrived to Paris. So where was Kendall all of this time?

Far from the catwalks of Europe, Jenner spent her time in New York City getting a “meow” lip tattoo at JonBoy tattoo parlor, helped sign up young people to register to vote, and hung out with pal Bella Hadid. So what gives? Has Kendall’s supreme status as a supermodel waned?

Vogue magazine believes that Kendall’s management has kept the supermodel out of the spotlight. The theory is that she has become selective as to which runway shows she will walk. She will most likely be more judicious about which fashion shoots she works. Perhaps it is because this is a ploy to create a demand for her services.

“What better ‘get’ is there for a casting director or designer than a star no one else can have?”

Perhaps it is just that Kendall’s runway days are limited now? Elle magazine speculates that perhaps Jenner has an “exclusive” with a big brand and even suggests that it could be Chanel, who is showing on Tuesday. At the time of the piece, Jenner had not flown to Paris, but now that she is there, having been seen out in public with her family enjoying dinner, this theory could be correct. This would also follow suit with Vogue magazine’s theory that Jenner’s management is now being selective as to which brands and shows she walks.

Yet, could there be another, more entrepreneurial reason why Kendall was not in Paris sooner? As Hollywood Life recently reported, KUWTK could soon be canceled, and she may be thinking of how she needs to reinvent her career as her sisters appear to be doing. Recently, her sister Kim Kardashian has revealed that she intends on getting her law degree and following her late father’s occupation, transitioning into the life of an attorney. Little sister Kylie, already a makeup entrepreneur, has now purchased her fourth multi-million dollar house, giving credence to the Daily Mail label Kylie as building a “property empire.”


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Could Kendall currently be plotting her next step? As she is the spokesmodel for Estee Lauder, odds are establishing her own cosmetics line is a conflict of interest. As she spent so much time in New York City, fans could speculate that the model could write a beauty book, star in her own fashion or model-centric television show, or even design her own clothing line. Heidi Klum has a cornucopia of profit centers including Project Runway, her own lingerie, and as a judge on other shows such as Top Model in Germany and America’s Got Talent. Kate Moss also announced her new lifestyle brand and talent agency, simply called Kate Moss Agency. Whatever dreams or goals Kendall has, she has the star power to write her own ticket and soar. Nonetheless, her absence from such import European fashion shows means that something is drastically changing. Now.

There is always the possibility that Kendall has fully transitioned into being mainly a print model. Her recent covers are piling up, such as the October Spanish Vogue.

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And another October Vogue cover, this time the Australian version.

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One thing we do know is that Jenner is not affected by any sort of negative publicity or shaming. Kendall recently spoke to Garage Magazine, talking about handling the negative opinion of others.

“Let’s face it – everyone is going to have an opinion. [The] best advice I have is to realize just that, everyone’s always going to be saying something and if you concern yourself with that, you’re in for a giant headache. What matters is how you feel.”

Why do you think that Kendall missed most of the European fashion shows? Do you think that there could be a new project that has not been leaked out in the press yet?

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