Mila And Ashton Reportedly Expecting A Baby Boy, Due Date Nears For Happy Couple

There has been some exciting changes in the lives of That 70s Show star couple, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. The adorable couple went from being a fun loving duo to a soon-to-be family of four. While gearing up to celebrate daughter Wyatt’s second birthday, the couple is also ready to welcome their fourth member, which is reportedly a boy.

Life & Style shared that an insider has relayed the couple will have a boy and a girl to care for.

“Ashton has always wanted three or four kids, but Mila only wants two. Now that she’ll have one of each gender, Mila feels she can be done having babies.”

The couple has remained quiet about the due date of their second child, yet sources say that the birth will be soon and that Mila and Ashton have already begun receiving gifts from loved ones.

“Ashton’s mom sent over a blue blanket and some blue onesies.”

Mila was recently spotted out buying items for her daughter’s upcoming birthday party and was all baby bump, as Entertainment Tonight shares. The 33-year-old wore a pair of black leggings and fitted blue tee. Kunis and Ashton have both made it clear that they love being parents, even though there are challenges that come along with the role. As ET shares, Mila spoke a good deal about her parenting alongside Ashton, and shared that they celebrate the “little victories” of parenthood.

“Every night that we put Wyatt down, we high-five each other, and we’re like, ‘We did it! We kept her alive!'” she quipped. “And we’re still in love. You high-five when you still like each other and you still like your kid at the end of the night.

“Because sometimes they’re the devil. They’re the devil!”

Although the couple appears to be all smiles and high-fives, they do apparently have their disagreements at times. A subject that Mila and Ashton reportedly do not see eye-to-eye on involves how many kids they are going to have. Mila prefers to keep their family to a foursome, while Ashton is set on more. The Hollywood Gossip shares the words of a source on the matter.

“Ashton has always wanted three or four kids, but Mila only wants two. Now that she’ll have one of each gender, Mila feels she can be done having babies.”

Although the tabloids are stating that the pair is getting ready to welcome a boy, the couple has yet to confirm this and Kutcher, along with Kunis, are generally pretty tight-lipped when it comes to their lives. It’s unlikely that the press will be made known of the baby’s gender prior to the birth and announcement by the couple. Mila and Ashton were, and still are, very protective of their daughter, Wyatt. They instructed the press to keep their distance and announced that they would release photos of their little one at their own discretion, much like Kate Middleton and Prince William have chosen to do.

Although the two are adamant that their children will not be in the spotlight, Ashton spoke about being okay with a life involving showbiz for his children as long as that was something they select for themselves when they are older. In an interview with ET, Ashton was asked this question and he responded without hesitation. E! Online relays the answer given.

“No,” Kutcher adamantly said, before clarifying that he’d be okay with it if she was old enough to make that decision. “When it is a choice that she is making, then I think it is fine. … As long as it’s not a choice that she is making, it is my job to protect her from all this nonsense.”

[Feature Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]