‘American Horror Story’ Season 6, Episode 4 Spoilers: The Return Of Dandy Mott

American Horror Story Season 6 is full of unique surprises that have been playing out in subtle ways, linking each episode to a former season. But now that Episode 4 is coming up, fans will be delighted to know that American Horror Story will revisit Freak Show with an appearance by the original inbred wealthy family of Dandy Mott.

We know that the Mott family and Dandy Mott are going to be explored in more detail in the next episode of American Horror Story, as revealed by Ryan Murphy in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. But fans are going to get a special treat in the next episode with some origin stories that will start to tie in the previous seasons, not just that of the Mott family.

Fans should take a moment to catch up on who Dandy Mott was in Season 4 of American Horror Story, which was all about the Freak Show in Florida coupled with some side stories that gave audiences the chills.

Dandy Mott (and his mother Gloria) was a special kind of creepy. Their storylines in American Horror Story: Freak Show were especially disturbing to the tune that they were not farfetched from what may already be happening within a rich family dynasty in American culture.

Gloria Mott had special dialogues that gave fans some insight into their family of wealth. First of all, inbreeding was a way of keeping the money in the family and not letting outsiders get their hands on it. Gloria had acknowledged that it was somewhat of a barbaric practice, but she herself had been guilty of it all the same when she became impregnated by her cousin, thus leaving American Horror Story with their last incarnation of Dandy Mott.

Dandy Mott then took American Horror Story in a whole new direction of psychopathy, giving the show a sociopath who has a fractured set of chromosomes and some seriously spoiled tendencies.

Dandy Mott and his spoiled persona was first evidenced in the scene where he and his mother had bought out the audience for a private show. As is tradition for American Horror Story, the characteristics just kind of exploded on-screen from there. Dandy was later seen to be drinking Cognac from a glass with a nipple on it during dinner.

Gloria Mott also encouraged him by giving him everything that he wanted and even pandering to all of his emotions in such a disturbing way that even the most devoted fans of American Horror Story had to cringe at. He was an especially hate-worthy character who fans of American Horror Story simply could not get enough of. It was kind of like watching a YouTube video with spoiled children acting in atrocious manners. The viewer is thoroughly disgusted by what he/she sees, but cannot look away for even a second.

Ryan Murphy has said that when he reintroduces American Horror Story fans to the Mott family, he is going to give more of their origins.

“We explain how the Motts began, which is funny,” Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly about what’s to come on American Horror Story.

Murphy also said that, “Many, many, many [characters] that you have not seen in years that you have wanted to see…” will be featured in Season 6 of American Horror Story.

It almost seems that American Horror Story: Roanoke is setting the tone for all of the origins for previous seasons and characters that have been featured over the years.

Either way, fans of American Horror Story: Roanoke can tune in next Wednesday to see the Mott family origins popping back up on the show. It is too early to tell exactly how many characters will be featured, but there is a good chance that they will start coming out of the woodwork around Episode 6.

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