WWE News: Jamie Noble Stabbed In A Trailer Park, Currently Hospitalized

The latest WWE news about the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and a member of Seth Rollin’s infamous J & J Security bodyguard team, Jamie Noble, is frightening. Reports are coming in that he was stabbed, and he’s currently in the hospital.

Pro Wrestling Sheet was the first to break this bit of WWE news about the wrestling superstar, which was subsequently tweeted on Noble’s Twitter. The site’s initial report on the incident stated that Noble, whose current condition is unclear (though he’s out of the ER), was stabbed twice outside of his West Virginia trailer park home while his girlfriend was allegedly inside taking a bath.

The wrestling website stated that the incident happened after Noble left his home to go get some snacks. When he returned, he was allegedly confronted by a man who claimed that he cut him off while they were on the road. Noble apologized, but the argument continued to escalate, and before anyone could stop what was going on, Noble had pinned the man to the ground in an apparent wrestling move.

According to reports, the fight then continued to escalate until two other men, who were with Noble’s alleged original attacker, got out of the assailant’s car and joined the fight. One of the two other men then allegedly stabbed Noble twice from behind.

The WWE is aware of the situation, and the company is in touch with the local police in Jamie’s area.

*BREAKING* #WWE Producer Jamie Noble Hospitalized After Stabbing Outside His Home – #GetOnTophttps://t.co/rGr3zpp95t pic.twitter.com/LDHat6bPr1

— Top Rope Report (@TRRWrestling) September 30, 2016

More WWE news about the incident can be found on Uproxx, which is claiming that the producer and former Ring of Honor World Champion was stabbed once in the upper back and once in the mid-back/spine area. The assailants weren’t arrested at the scene because they allegedly took off immediately after stabbing Noble, whose real name is James Gibson.

And though Noble is currently semi-retired, there was some talk of him returning to the ring at the upcoming Royal Rumble, which will be held in San Antonio in honor of the 20th anniversary of the event. However, and unfortunately, those hopes might have been dashed with this latest attack.

This isn’t the first time that Noble has been attacked and subsequently hospitalized. The last time he was at ringside during 2015’s J & J Security storyline, he went up against the “Beast Incarnate,” Brock Lesnar, who subsequently broke several of his ribs when Noble and his J &J partner, Joey Mercury, tried to save WWE World Champion Seth Rollins from Lesnar.

Noble was retired from in-ring activity and working as a WWE producer when he and Mercury were chosen to become Seth’s bodyguards. Although his ribs were actually broken, the injury was an unscripted accident. It is possible that this latest injury might mean the end of any future physical WWE involvement for Jamie Noble.

However, his career might not be over, according to the latest WWE news reported by Wrestling News World. Their reports suggest that Noble will be returning to the WWE as soon as his injuries have healed, which is good news.

Of course, the minute the news broke, fans from all over the world took to social media to wish their hero well.

“Why the hell would anyone want to stab Jamie Noble? He seems like a good dude,” tweeted Brandon Patterson.

“Awful news that we just received. We wish Jamie all the best. What a cruel world this is,” tweeted another user who goes by the name of Daily Ambrollins.

Others took the news of Noble’s stabbing quite insensitively and used it as the perfect opportunity to make trailer park jokes.

“Jamie Noble got stabbed in a trailer park? I thought that was just a gimmick during the Attitude Era!” tweeted one user who goes by the name of Dr. Hugenstein.

“It’s both perfect and puzzling that Jamie Noble lives in a trailer park,” wrote The Steel Cage, while still another user named Blake remarked, “Jamie Noble’s trailer park gimmick is no gimmick, LOL!”

Whatever the case may be, this bit of WWE news is more than a bit distressing, and we hope that Jamie Noble gets well soon and returns to the WWE in better shape than before.

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