AT&T Wireless Reduces Cancellation Policy To 14 Days

AT&T Wireless is reducing its 30-day phone and contract plan return period to just 14 days. In the past, customers were given a full month to determine if the company’s service matched their need while providing top-notch service in the customers service area.

The move is effective today (October 7, 2012), although the company is offering a grace period for customers who need time to “adjust” to the new policy. AT&T has not yet revealed how long the grace period is or last or how it will be enacted for customers who request the extension.

The new AT&T Wireless 14-day cancellation option is not retroactive, which means customers who purchased devices through Saturday will still have a 30-day grace period for cancellation. As with the original 30-day cancellation setup, restocking fees for used devices will apply, and broken devices will require payment in full to cancel a contract within 14 days. No early termination fee will be required if a plan is cancelled within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Customers who cancel within 14 days will still lose their initial activation fees, and they will be subject to prorated call rates based on their service plan. Customers who cancel their service within three days of activation will receive a full refund including their activation fee.

Before the cancellation can be completed, the customer must bring the device back to a national AT&T retailer. The 14-day limit is not based on business days and starts at the moment of activation.

Will AT&T’s decision make you choose a new mobile wireless provider?