Brad Pitt Suicide Rumors Amid Drugs And Alcohol Testing Requirement in New Custody Deal With Angelina Jolie [UPDATE]

Divorce is always terrible, but the worst part of getting to a divorce agreement is deciding on custody for the children. It’s been so bad for Angie and Brad that rumors of Brad Pitt’s suicide have been flying around. It’s not likely that we’ll have to hear the tough news of Pitt’s suicide as a result, but the Jolie Pitt child custody legal battle has been just nasty. There have been allegations of child abuse from Jolie, and no access to the kids for Pitt, but TMZ broke the news that the fight might be almost over.

In case you’re just catching up now, Pitt and Jolie have six children together: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne. Jolie adopted Maddox and Zahara before she and Brad got together.

Pitt later adopted Maddox and Zahara so that he would be their legal father, and he and Jolie also adopted Pax. Brad and Angelina had three birth children together. Shiloh was the first, soon followed by the twins.

According to E! News, the the six children are all “living with their mom in a rented hideaway home in Malibu” as Jolie tries to protect them from the paparazzi covering her divorce from Brad.

The Pitt and Jolie child custody agreement gives a whole lot to Angelina and nothing to Brad. Hollywood Life reports that Jolie, 41, will get full custody, “just like she demanded in her divorce docs.” The question many fans are asking is why Pitt, 52, settled for such an unfair custody agreement.

After all, he’s already said that the kids are the most important thing and he’s doing everything he can to make things right for them. E! News previously reported that Jolie- Pitt insider said Brad “really wants to see the kids and to work out an arrangement that is best for them,” and Pitt’s suicide rumors are just that: rumors.

“But, WHY did Brad allow this to happen?”

It turns out that this custody solution is only temporary. Angelina “knows she and Brad will need to co-parent together in the future for the sake of their kids.”

Things will change once the dust settles some more, and Brad is willing to wait. One insider said that the new custody arrangement will only last three weeks, and when you’re dealing with your kids’ lives, three weeks isn’t very long. Brad has some high-power help in proving his case for custody of the children. Even his ex, Jennifer Aniston, says Pitt is a good dad, despite Angelina’s claims.

The temporary custody agreement covers a lot more than where the kids stay and who makes decisions for them. Angelina was super worried about the way Brad treats the kids, especially after the she made allegations of Brad’s child abuse on the airplane.

That’s still under investigation, but Angelina had other concerns. She was really unhappy about the reality that for Brad, drugs and alcohol have often been a problem, although Brad’s suicide is not a problem. Angelina even accused the actor of having such a serious substance abuse issues that it made their life together unlivable.

Brad isn’t thinking of suicide, but he has admitted to struggling with drug abuse, and had to submit to blood tests after Angelina made the child abuse allegations. The tests might have been completely unnecessary though since they all came up clean.

There are going to be more “random drug and alcohol testings” while this temporary custody plan is in place, along with counseling for everyone. Brad and Angelina will have couples counseling, the family will have some sessions together, and each parent will also go separately for counseling during the temporary custody.

He’ll get to see his children, but only with a therapist right there to keep an eye on things. Whether Pitt will get to have more visits, or if he’ll ever get to be alone with his kids again, depends entirely on what the therapist sees while observing Brad with his children.

In the end, it all comes down to the Department of Child and Family Services, just like it does for every other family caught in custody battles. The “DCFS could appoint new rules to the agreement, or potentially turn the situation over to the courts.”

UPDATE: According to theDaily Mail, Jolie has said that if the authorities decide to prosecute Brad, she will go “radio silent” and refuse to cooperate with any legal actions taken against Brad. Jolie might have reached that position because it looks like Brad is dead set against doing anything to make things difficult for the kids. Angelina may want to give Pitt a break on this, and is herself “focused on protecting her brood.”

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