Katie Holmes Has Yelling Match With Tom Cruise Over Suri As Foxx Wedding Rumors Swirl?

The Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s days as a married couple are long over, yet the tabloids are still able to hone in on some potential drama between the former couple by making their daughter, Suri, the topic of debate.

The most recent tale that has made headlines involves Holmes being less-than-enthused about the Top Gun star’s apparent intention to make Suri a part of his upcoming films. The report claims that Katie screamed at her former spouse on the subject and was not having it.

Hall of Fame magazine shared the details of the latest story regarding Katie and Tom.

“Rumor has it that Katie Holmes screamed at Tom Cruise. It was alleged that the Dawson’s Creek alum got mad when she found out that her estranged husband offered his daughter, Suri a movie role.”

The actress, who has been linked to Jamie Foxx, went on to say that the suggestion was “the worst idea ever.” In addition, Holmes then became even more upset with Cruise for making her look like the antagonist after he had gotten Suri’s hopes up.

So that is clearly a no from the 36-year-old beauty. However, Gossip Cop stepped in and, as they do, debunked this latest tabloid fabrication, noting that it is all completely false. As the celebrity gossip-policing site reminds its readers, the story cannot be a truthful one because, reportedly, Tom Cruise has not had contact with his daughter for three years. Katie appears to be doing a magnificent job of parenting the adorable little one all by herself.

Hall of Fame shares about their recent outing as a mom and daughter duo.

“Holmes was spotted having a nice time with her daughter, Suri. The two enjoyed a refreshing drink last September 27 just right after Suri went out of her school. They were holding hands while walking to the coffee shop.”

Although Tom Cruise is known to be absent from Katie and Suri’s lives, there remains to be one mystery that keeps resurfacing as a topic of rumors and headlines: what sort of relationship Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx actually have. Sources have claimed that the stars have carried on a secret romance for three years, yet Katie and Jamie state that they are merely friends. There have even been reports of potential pregnancies, and most recently, news of a secret wedding has been the main headline.

Not only are there reports of a wedding, but rumors also suggest that upon Jamie breaking the news to Tom Cruise, the Oblivion star was less than thrilled and lashed out at the Django Unchained actor. Chatt Sports Net shared what Jamie apparently said to Cruise when he called to share that he was marrying Holmes.

“He called Tom and told him that he loved Katie, and that he thought being in a stable family would be best for Suri too.”

The publication, however, goes on to relay that this rumor is also false and that Katie and Jamie are not even in a romantic relationship, let alone thinking of marriage. It was, of course, Gossip Cop that got to the bottom of this rumor after debunking countless rumors regarding Jamie and Katie as of late.

“Despite how many times Gossip Cop has debunked romance rumors about Foxx and Holmes, we still checked in with spokespersons for both stars to get to the bottom of these latest marriage claims. Holmes’ rep exclusively assures us the tabloid’s story is ‘100 percent not true,’ while Foxx’s rep tells Gossip Cop the report is a ‘complete fabrication,’ and he’s simply ‘not getting married.'”

[Feature Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]