Rapper Wisin Makes Heartbreaking Announcement About Daughter, ‘My Princess Just Died’

Rapper Wisin and his wife Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano mad a heartbreaking announcement earlier today that their one-month-old daughter, Victoria, had passed away.

Last month, Wisin, 37, revealed that his newborn daughter was born with trisomy 13. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, trisomy 13, also known as Patau syndrome, is a “chromosomal condition associated with severe intellectual disability and physical abnormalities in many parts of the body.” Infants born with trisomy 13 often have heart defects, brain or spinal cord abnormalities, very small or poorly developed eyes, extra fingers or toes, a cleft lip, a cleft palate, and weak muscle tone. Because the effects are so severe, most infants die within the first few days or weeks of their lives, with only five to 10 percent living past their first birthday.

“We’re going through a difficult moment,” Wisin told Puerto Rico’s Lo Sé Todo. “It’s things that happen.”

Following Victoria’s diagnosis, Winsin and Yomaira issued a statement to the public.

“As the public now knows, our daughter Victoria was born a couple of days ago,” the statement read. “She was diagnosed with trisomy 13 and is in a stable condition. I have always respected and collaborated with the press about every my professional career. But on this occasion, our daughter’s health is the most important thing for us. In this respectful manner, we request the space to face this situation in the privacy of our family. We want to take advantage of this moment to thank everyone for the love that we have received. Like any other parent, we ask that you all continue to pray for us so that we can overcome this process and that our daughter will be able to recover soon. God will fulfill his purpose in our Victoria.”

On Friday, Wisin shared the tragic news of his daughter’s passing on Instagram. Along with a picture of his wife and Victoria, Wisin wrote: “Thank you, my God, for one month of life, for one month of Victoria. God gives, and God takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord. Princess Victoria, I will see you again in heaven. What immense pain I have, God, please help me. I want to use this moment to thank the millions of people that were praying for our family and our Victoria. Thank you because in all of your gestures and words that you had with us we were able to see God each time. My princess just died.”

According to E! News, Yomaira was five months pregnant when her doctors informed her and Wisin that their baby had trisomy 13. At the time, she was given the option to abort the pregnancy, but because of her and Wisin’s strong Christian faith, they decide to continue with the pregnancy and trust God. The couple, who have two other children, vowed to love their daughter no matter what.

Shortly after Victoria’s birth, Yomaira issued a statement of her own.

“Victoria has fulfilled every single one of her purposes since the day that we found out about her. We give thanks to God for our decision to have her without caring what would happen, because we know that God knows what is best.”

“Even if doctors recommend that you terminate your pregnancy, because the doctors will try to convince you, this isn’t the route that God wants,” she added to other mothers who are told their baby has a serious illness. “We are no one to decide over the life of another human, even if it is our child. Always know that God has a perfect plan, even if at the moment we can’t seem to understand it.”

[Featured Image by Alexander Tamargo/ Getty Images]