‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Eric’s Dire Condition Sparks A Battle Between Quinn And Steffy, Lies From Ridge, And Surprising Support From Wyatt [Updated]

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there are big moments coming in the week ahead. Eric and Quinn got married, but their family members boycotted the nuptials, and the Forrester patriarch collapsed as he confronted everybody for their antics. What is coming up during the week of October 3?

Eric was rushed to the hospital after collapsing and the doctors revealed that he had a brain hemorrhage. His family was desperate to see his condition improve and sat by his bedside as he remained unconscious, pleading with him to recover. Quinn was also desperate to be by her husband’s side, but Ridge was doing everything he could to prevent her from being in the mix of things.

Quinn ultimately burst into the room and grabbed her husband’s hand, asking the family how his condition had declined so severely since she had last seen him. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that as she pushes for information and further access to her husband, Steffy will remain determined to drive a wedge between her mother-in-law and her grandfather. Viewers saw an intense showdown between the two women during Friday’s show, but there is more on the way.


It seems that the Forrester family may continue to try to lay blame for Eric’s condition on his new wife, but she will surely stand her ground and point out that her husband was happy and blissful in marrying her and collapsed after arguing with his family over their disloyalty and betrayal. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Steffy will soon find out that she may have a way to ensure that Quinn stays away from her grandfather, as she finds reason to question whether the marriage certificate was signed, thus wondering whether her mother-in-law is truly now Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Until now, Wyatt has struggled over being stuck in the middle between Steffy and his mother. He tried many times to convince Quinn to walk away from Eric, refusing to see how happy she was or believe that she had changed. He was desperate to hold onto his marriage to Steffy, regardless of the cost to his mother. Now, however, Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that his allegiance will shift. He is said to take a stand against the Forrester family and this is sure to cause some serious conflict with his estranged wife.

Choosing his mother over Steffy will surely be the final straw when it comes to Wyatt’s marriage, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that he will stick by his convictions on this matter in the week ahead. Eric’s medical situation will remain dire for a bit, and the family will stay by his bedside as they wait for further information regarding his prognosis.


Ridge had worked on getting paperwork that gave him power of attorney over his father, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that Carter will find out that Eric changed his health directives to give Quinn the power to make decisions. Carter will share this with Ridge, but will be convinced to hold back on sharing the news further so that Ridge can maintain control over things.

Quinn is determined to stay by her husband’s side, but Ridge isn’t backing down. As this crisis continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Ridge will force her to leave the Forrester mansion. Viewers will see Caroline finally return to town and everybody will be anxious to see what comes next for her now that Thomas has grown close to Sasha. Ivy is still in the mix of things, and it seems that she will make another play for Liam while she has the chance.

Will Eric manage to fully recover? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that his condition will remain rather serious for a while and this will surely cause chaos among his loved ones, but it sounds as if he will pull through this crisis. When and if he does recover, fans can be sure that he will be outraged at Ridge’s antics regarding Quinn. Could the Forrester patriarch end up with some kind of damage or memory loss that leaves him unable to remember his love for his new wife or unable to control what comes next though? That would surely be a juicy development, but viewers will have to stay tuned to see where things head next.

The week ahead will bring plenty of chaos as Wyatt takes a stand against his Steffy’s family, Ridge covers up the truth about Eric’s wishes regarding his health directive, and Caroline returns to town. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that things are going to get wild, and viewers will not want to miss where things head next.


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