Clown Clan: Creepy #WeNotClowinAround Threats To Kill Teachers, Students Close Schools On Friday, September 30

The creepy clown clan threats continue across the country on Friday, September 30. Whether these clown threats to schools are real or fake, they are having an impact. Certain schools across the country are closing schools and canceling classes as a result of new #WeNotClowinAround and ‘Aint Clownin Around’ Facebook threats to kill students and teachers at schools during many Homecoming Weekend activities. As reported by Fox 19 in the below video, Reading Police has confirmed that schools have been closed on Friday due to clown threats.

According to the St. Joe Channel, the St. Joseph School District in Missouri experienced a threat from a Facebook account called “Aint Clowin Around,” which can be seen in the below screenshot images.

Not only have schools in Missouri been threatened, but certain schools in Ohio have also canceled classed on Friday due to clown threats. The “scary clown” or “creepy clown” threats claim that the “Aint Clowin Around” clowns will come to “all high schools” on Friday to kill students or kill teachers as they go to their cars.

One threat had a photo of Lafayette High School, as reported by WXYZ-TV Channel 7, via their Facebook page, about the most recent creepy clown threats. School officials have noted that they are aware of the creepy clown threats and have notified authorities as needed, as new clown threats pop up online.

The clown threat in Colerain Township in Ohio featured a junior high school student getting arrested for making clown threats online.

creepy clown threats
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According to the Facebook page of the Reading Community City Schools, a clown attack happened against a woman who claimed a male clown threatened school students.

“SCHOOL CLOSED TODAY (9/30): Overnight, a woman in Reading was attacked by a male dressed as a clown and the perpetrator has not been apprehended. During the attack, the victim reported a threat was made against our students. We take all threats to the safety of our students seriously. We were especially concerned with the number of students who walk to school in the early morning hours and made the decision to close school. The district is working closely with the Reading Police on this matter. We will make a decision about homecoming activities later in the day as we know more.”

The Ohio school named Mount Notre Dame High School closed their school on Friday as well.

clown threats
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On the Colerain Township Police Facebook page, the clown threats have caused the Colerain Police Department to report that an arrest has been made due to clown threats against parents and students.

“At approximately 10:30 this evening, investigators from the Colerain Police Department made an arrest on a suspect involved with making threats towards students at Colerain High School. The suspect threatened to harm students at school on Friday. This suspect used the current ‘clown’ trend to further terrorize parents and students and has been charged with Making Terrorist Threats and Inducing Panic. Both of these charges are felonies. We will continue to be vigilant and act quickly when criminals threaten our community and our children.”

Some of the social media posts using the #wenotclowinaround hashtag can be seen below.

Beware #wenotclowinaround

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On Facebook, the #WeNotClowninAround hashtag is receiving a mixed bag of feedback, with some laughing at the hashtag.

On Twitter, the #WeNotClowinAround hashtag is also receiving a plethora of posts, with plenty of GIFs mixed into the mix.

On Twitter, the Clown clan ;) account @clownclann has been making a series of threats. As of this writing, the Twitter account is still active and listing a bunch of school threats for schools in Ohio.

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