Tom Hanks Crashes Central Park Wedding Photo Shoot [Video]

A newlywed couple got an unexpected visitor in the middle of their wedding photo shoot in New York City’s Central Park this weekend. Two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks was on a jog through the park and popped over to say hello to the couple in the middle of the shoot.

In a video posted by ABC’s Good Morning America, Hanks spots the newlyweds and casually strolls up to the couple from behind and introduces himself, holding out his hand and saying, “Hi, I’m Tom Hanks.”

The couple, introduced only as Elizabeth and Ryan, are happily surprised by the encounter and ask Hanks to pose for pictures with them.

“By all means,” Hanks says obligingly as he kisses Elizabeth’s hand. “We can do that right here.”

As photographer Meg Miller snaps off photos of the couple and their new friend, Hanks chats with Elizabeth and Ryan and the three take several selfies.

“Ryan, you’re a lucky man,” Hanks says to the groom, adding, “Elizabeth, you’ve done well for yourself.”

The entire episode was captured by Miller and New York-based production company First Day Films, according to NBC 4 New York.

Hanks and the newlyweds posted several of the photos to their social media accounts, and the images were shared and liked by thousands of friends and fans.

Tom Hanks is, of course, one of the most respected names in Hollywood. He won Best Actor Oscars for his roles in Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994). He was also nominated for Best Actor for Big (1988), Saving Private Ryan (1998), and Cast Away (2000).

In addition to his Academy Award nominations and wins, he’s also won six Emmy’s for writing, producing, and directing and four Golden Globes for acting, according to his IMDB “Awards” page.

Despite his reputation as a serious actor and director who thoroughly commits to his roles, Hanks has been known to goof around in the past, especially when it comes to impromptu photo ops.

In 2012, a fan ran into Tom Hanks at a restaurant. As Gawker reported at the time, Hanks was kind enough not only to chat with the fan but to also let him borrow his glasses and pose for several goofy photos with him as the fan pretended to be intoxicated.

Those photos went viral as viewers tried to determine if Hanks was playing a prank on an unwitting stranger or if they were in fact staged.

“I’m not sure how old these photos are, but at first glance we thought it was the real deal, we’d heard that Tom noticed the kid face down in his food, grabbed the kids cell phone, and started taking pictures,” Ty Kiisel wrote about the photos in Forbes. “That wasn’t the case; the kid saw Hanks and asked if they could fake a few photos. Apparently, Tom Hanks is a genuinely nice guy and went along with the gag.”

The photos also helped solidify his reputation as “one of the nicest actors around,” according to the Huffington Post.

“He has always been considered one of the nicest actors around, but he somehow managed to get even better in our eyes when pictures of him posing with a fan pretending to be drunk went completely viral back in August. Can you imagine being that lucky kid!?,” Samantha Toscano wrote for the Post.

The photos of Hanks crashing the wedding shoot are bound to improve his standing as one of the friendliest guys in Hollywood.

[Featured Image by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]