WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Not Finished With MMA?

Brock Lesnar has been the subject of various WWE rumors from the minute he first stepped into the ring. The former MMA fighter is either greatly loved or hated, but since he gashed Randy Orton’s head open at SummerSlam, the WWE rumors about Lesnar have been less than favorable. Now, the latest WWE rumors suggest that Lesnar isn’t done with MMA and may return to the UFC cage before Wrestlemania!

That’s, of course, according to 411Mania.com, who substantiated these WWE rumors by talking to Jim Ross.

The commentator-turned-entrepreneur was asked about Lesnar’s future with the company, and he admitted that even though Lesnar was a little “older” than the average fighter, he still had it in him to become a top-notch MMA fighter when his contract with the WWE expires.

“I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Lesnar fighting. Even if he’s in his early 40s – say, 40 or 41 – when his WWE contract expires – and I don’t know that to be fact – I think he will strongly consider more UFC because there’s going to be a lot of money waiting for him for a one-time shot to see what he’s got left in the tank. And he sells pay-per-views. He’s like CM Punk. He sold pay-per-views and that was part of the bottom line in hiring both of those guys.”

WWE Rumors
Brock Lesnar is frequently the subject of WWE rumors. [Image by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, according to Wrestling Inc., these latest WWE rumors about Brock Lesnar are completely unfounded. In fact, the outlet sat down with Lesnar’s loudmouthed representative, Paul Heyman, who insisted that not only is Lesnar completely focused on his wrestling career, but his rare appearances make him one of the company’s top draws… so he isn’t going anywhere:

“I think Brock Lesnar against anyone is an automatic sell-out. Brock does not wrestle 52 Mondays a year on Monday Night Raw, he does not come to your home town every week, his appearances are rare. They are unique and extraordinary. Which is why, whenever Brock Lesnar appears, it is a rare and unique opportunity for the paying customer to see the greatest living athlete in the history of WWE appear live in an extraordinary event that only Brock Lesnar can deliver on. This is why he is the greatest box office attraction.”

WWE Rumors
Will the WWE rumors about Brock Lesnar prove true? [Image by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images]

Still, these latest WWE rumors don’t come without detractors from other fighters from both worlds. In addition to getting challenged by Chris Jericho and The Rock from the WWE, actor and MMA fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson — best known for his work with UFC, Pride, and Bellator, he also made a star turn as Bosco “B.A.” Baracus in the 2010 A-Team film — has challenged Lesnar to a fight in the MMA ring, where he — of course — promises to “kick his a**.” And several times.

Uproxx found the fighter outside of a nightclub — where it’s always great to get a quote from anyone, especially if they’re three sheets to the wind — and Jackson promised that he would be the victor in a set-up between himself and Lesnar.

“I’d whup Brock’s a** because I don’t think he has the technique to take me down. He’s the most popular pro wrestler to come over to MMA, but I still think I’d whup his a**. He probably outweighs me by a hundred pounds but still, I think I hit him a couple times and he’d be ‘Aaaaaw, no more.’ I respect Brock a lot. I’m a fighter, he’s a fighter. I just think I whup his a**.”

Uproxx, like the rest of the MMA world, finds this claim a little hard to swallow, because while Jackson in his prime could beat anyone in the ring, Jackson today is tired and worn out. His last fight against Japanese fighter Satoshii Ishi went to a decision that Jackson barely won. Besides, he’s wrapping up his career with Bellator — why would Jackson embarrass himself?

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