‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Things May Soon Heat Up For Kiki And Dillon-Will A Crisis Bring These Two Back Together?

There is a big crisis ahead on General Hospital for both Kiki Jerome and Dillon Quartermaine. These two once had a budding romance going on until Kiki put a stop to it and went back to Morgan Corinthos, while Dillon has been getting on with his life without her. However, that may all change soon enough. They will be dealing with some harsh realities in their lives, which may end up bringing them back together.

The current storyline on General Hospital this week has Dillon’s dad, Paul Hornsby, outed as the serial killer everyone has been looking for. Tracy is in danger as Paul is about to kill her to keep her quiet after she overheard him admitting to his secret. According to Soap Central, Dillon will have an emotional confrontation with someone. Will he locate his dad out in the remote area where Paul has his mom about to do away with her?

Dillon could be the one who stops Paul. This is expected to be an emotional time for him once he realizes what his dad has been doing since he returned to Port Charles. It will definitely be a shocker for everyone, but especially for the young Quartermaine who had no idea that his half-sister, Susan, was in a mental facility and that Paul was killing people because of what happened to her. He will need some support and Kiki is the perfect person to do just that.

There will be a rocky road for her as well. Kiki’s relationship with Morgan is about to crumble, according to recent spoilers put out by Soaps She Knows. With Ava Jerome secretly switching his medications, Morgan’s behavior has been erratic and it may all come crashing down soon. This will have Kiki reevaluating her relationship with him and she is expected to confide in Franco on how she feels about it all. She is about ready to walk away from Morgan again.

More General Hospital spoilers indicate that Morgan will see something that he will get the wrong idea about. With the family crisis that Dillon is going through, Morgan may just end up seeing him and Kiki together and get the wrong impression. She may just be giving Dillon a little comfort after he finds out that his dad is the hospital serial killer and that may just set Morgan off once again.

Of course, Morgan does have a legitimate worry as Kiki and Dillon obviously have feelings for each other. She has been trying to make it work with Morgan but by the end of next week, it sounds like she may end up revealing exactly how she feels about Dillon. Will this be the thing that sets Morgan off? He is on a collision course without his medications that he should be on, so this may turn out to be a disaster.

Kiki and Dillon had begun their romance at the General Hospital Nurses Ball last spring when they performed together on stage. Morgan was getting treatment at a care facility for his bipolar at that time. Once he was let out and had his meds adjusted, Kiki had chosen to go back to him to give him another chance. Unfortunately, her mama, Ava Jerome, didn’t agree with her choice. This brought her to take drastic measures to make Kiki walk away from him by messing with his bipolar medications. She had even approached Dillon to enlist him to break them up. He didn’t agree, but there is no doubt that he still has strong feelings for Kiki and she has been trying to deny them as well.


There is some definite chemistry between Kiki and Dillon and many General Hospital fans want these two together as a couple. This will make them very happy if this relationship will be moving forward soon. With actor Bryan Craig leaving his role of Morgan in November, things are up in the air with his character. This seems to be a good time for Kiki to leave Morgan and to start her romance with Dillon.

Are you looking forward to a Killon reunion? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see what develops.

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