‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: CBS Reveals All The Ways Fans Will Affect ‘BBOTT’ House

Big Brother spoilers reveal quite a few ways fans can participate this season. Big Brother: Over the Top aired its first episode live on Wednesday night (September 28), and a lot has happened since then. Included in those revelations was how fans will have a direct impact on the events in the BBOTT house based on votes made during the 10-week installment. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates goes into some depth about the different ways fans can have a direct effect on how the $250,000 winner gets decided.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, things have started out a bit differently this season. The first Big Brother: Over the Top competition began on Thursday (September 29), with the first Head of Household set to be decided in a 24-hour process. It’s a guaranteed way for producers and the CBS All Access application to get more eyes on the live feeds. It’s also a method to differentiate the online version of the reality competition show from the broadcast episodes that CBS has gone with for the first 18 seasons of the show.

Below is a short list of the Big Brother spoilers that have already been revealed by producers. It has been stated that there are going to be more twists and turns to come, but this gives a glimpse of how America will have a lot of power over the BBOTT houseguests.

America’s Vote – Fans will get to decide which houseguest wins the $250,000 prize. When the final houseguests are revealed for the fall season finale, subscribers will get to vote on which houseguest they feel deserves to win the season.

America’s Nominee Vote – The Head of Household is going to nominate two people for eviction every week, but that’s not where the nominations will end. Fans of the show will have the opportunity to choose a third houseguest to go up on the block. This fact could lead to some very intriguing Big Brother spoilers.

America’s Eviction Vote – As with past evictions in the game, the BBOTT house will give each eligible houseguest a vote during the Eviction Ceremony. America will also get a vote, with the houseguest who receives the most votes from the fans getting an extra vote against them at the Eviction Ceremony.

America’s Care Package Vote – Similar in fashion to what took place during Big Brother 18, fans will get to periodically vote on which houseguest should receive a Care Package from America. This Care Package winner will receive a special advantage in the game.

America’s “Have Not” Vote – Each week, fans will get to select three unlucky houseguests who will be “Have Nots” for seven days. They will have cold showers, an uncomfortable bed, and slop as their main food during that time.

There will be more Big Brother spoilers than in the past, simply because events are happening in the BBOTT house almost every day. This will keep the live audience tuning in, but it will also create a situation where there is just too much happening in the house to watch it all play out live. By around 1 p.m. PT on Friday (September 20), the first Head of Household will finally have the power. This will shortly lead to two houseguests getting nominated for eviction and America’s Vote on a third nominee opening up.

The first Eviction Ceremony is set for Wednesday, October 5, with someone getting sent home early. There is no jury for this season, as America is deciding who will win the $250,000 prize. That gives a lot of time for the alliances to start shaking out a bit more, especially as the houseguests scramble to find a social circle in the BBOTT house.

Fans who want to read about how the Big Brother: Over the Top schedule will work should read the previous report by the Inquisitr that covers it in detail.

[Featured Image by CBS]