Stephen King’s ‘It’: Mysterious New Set Photos Get Fans Very Excited, What They Say About Plot

This is probably the most excited a huge number of people have ever been to see photos of a sewer. Or maybe it’s a basement.

Admittedly, it’s not literally one of those places. But new photos from the set for the much-anticipated film adaption of Stephen King’s It have surfaced, revealed by a recent Reddit post. Now, movie buffs and Stephen King fans alike are voicing how hyped they are for this latest leak from the movie.

There are three photos contained in the September 28 post from a Redddit user with a username probably a bit explicit to include here — The Inquisitr abides by family values through and through. To be fair, the handle does sound like something Stephen King himself would dream up for one of his more vulgar characters in one of his more tech-centric novels like Mr. Mercedes.

The first of the three set photos depicts an enclosed maze of wooden tubes that commenters on the photos agree must have been built expressly for the film. Most of them think that the pipes probably represent the infamous sewer system where the titular It lives and which the group of protagonists, known as The Losers Club, must navigate through in Stephen King’s 1986 masterpiece. The many winding sections of pipe would certainly allow for a decent amount of variety in the sewer’s backdrop.

Stephen King's It Sewer Basement Set Photos
The first of the three photos. [Image by Reddit]

The cubic section of the wooden construction could serve as the location where The Losers Club confront It and perform Stephen King’s Ritual of Chud, and commenter Uncle-Reemus notes the vertical section of “pipe” near the back of the set photo could be the sewer entrance the characters flee into to escape from Henry Bowers, the school bully in Stephen King’s tale who The Inquisitr reports will be played by Nicholas Hamilton in the movie — even though Hamilton himself is not the biggest fan of the character.

The second photo is another shot of Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Clown posing beside a smiling Seth Grahame-Smith, one of the Stephen King adaptation’s producers. The creators of It have been keeping a pretty tight lid on photos teasing their take on Stephen King’s iconic shapeshifting monster, so any new glimpse of him is bound to get at least a few fans riled up.

Stephen King's It Sewer Basement Set Photos
The second of the three photos. [Image by Reddit]

Unfortunately, some kind of filter seems to have been applied to Pennywise’s face in the photo to blur it a bit, but his makeup, facial expression, and frilly collar are still clearly distinguishable. Like the Pennywise depicted in Tim Curry’s iconic performance in the 1990 miniseries of the Stephen King tome, Skarsgard has covered his face in white make-up, highlighting his lips and nose with swatches of red.

The biggest noticeable differences between Curry’s Pennywise and the one we see in this photo are the black slash of makeup Skarsgard wears over one eye and the noticeably more malevolent expression. The latter makes it clear that the new adaptation is going the route of sinister rather than campy, at least in regard to Pennywise’s character design — a detail on which The Inquisitrhas speculated in the past. This decision is one of the many already-revealed film aspects that seem to put the 2017 film more in line with Stephen King’s book than was the 1990 TV miniseries.

The third photo is the one most being talked about by Stephen King fans, and it shows several crew members from It working in a set that looks like some sort of a dirty enclosure. The common consensus is that the room shown is the set for the basement at King’s 29 Neibolt Street, a location where several members of The Losers Club encounter It in several of its many forms. In the book, the forms are a creature feature-style werewolf and a mummy in the same style. Due to the movie being set 30 years later than the book was, though, the forms taken by the monster might be different.

Stephen King's It Sewer Basement Set Photos
The last of the three photos. [Image by Reddit]

This news is especially exciting given that news from the set of Stephen King’s It has dried up as of late. This is partially because filming on the project already wrapped several days ago, according to Movieweb. Luckily for Stephen’s fans, though, the adaptation of It set to be released on September 8, 2017 is only the first part of a two-part project.

The question now is, when will we start seeing photos from the production of part two? Will director Andres Muschietti and the rest of the crew wait until after the first film is released to begin work on part two. or are they going to film both parts at once in order to get things done quickly? Either way, The Inquisitr will keep its Stephen King radar running and will be bringing you every update on the filming of Stephen King’s It, in addition to all other Stephen King-related projects, as they are made available.


And as always, long days and pleasant nights, Stephen King fans.

[Featured image by Kobzev3179/iStock]