September 29, 2016
Rob Kardashian's Boyhood Crush Was His Sister, Kim Kardashian? Kim Set To Press Charges On Recent Assault With Fan

The Kardashians have demonstrated that they stick together through thick and thin. Well, Rob Kardashian recently demonstrated that the solid bond between the members of the Kardashian clan are on a whole other level, while he and Blac Chyna were quizzed about their childhoods.

The couple was participating in a new promo video for Rob & Chyna, during which the parents-to-be shared their knowledge about one another's upbringings and childhood details. The topic of childhood crushes came up, to which Rob stated, "Her childhood crush was Ricky Martin."

Chyna agreed and then gave her own rendition of Martin's hit song "Living la Vida Loca." After admitting to her crush on Ricky, Chyna then gave up Rob's boyhood crush, yelling "JLo!"

Rob confirmed this, stating "That's pretty accurate."

However, Chyna pushed the boundaries by keeping the crushes in the family, saying "J.Lo and Kim Kardashian."

Rob Kardashian kept a straight face, and played along with Chyna's statement, "That is also pretty accurate," as E! shares.

Although Kim Kardashian has maintained a status as being one of the world's hottest celebrities, often for her selfies and her choice of fashion, the reality star drew confusion recently while attending Paris Fashion Week wearing a pair of track pants and a tube top. Her moments at the week-long Paris event have been riddled with intriguing fashion choices and spectators admiring the wife of Kanye West, just as much as Rob Kardashian seems to. A fan of Kim's even attempted to demonstrate this by planting a kiss on her.

Kardashian apparently was less than thrilled by this public display of affection on her by this stranger, and is reportedly set to press charges against the speedy smoocher, identified as prankster Vitalii Sediuk. An insider shared as to how Kim handled the approach by the young man, as Us Weekly shares.
"Kim handled it very well and was initially unaware of what had actually happened. She assumed it was a photographer stepping too close, By the time she turned around, her bodyguard had him on the ground. She quickly realized it something more serious when she turned around. The first time Vitalii did this to her it was really terrifying. He tried to tackle her and left her feeling very rattled."
The incident occurred while Kim, 35, was arriving at L'Avenue restaurant in Paris on Wednesday night, when 27-year-old Sediuk ran at her and attempted to assault her. The man even attempted to plant a kiss on Kim's internationally-known behind.

This isn't the first time that Sediuk has made an advance on Kim K. During fashion week in Paris back in 2014, he came close to knocking Kardashian to the ground when she arrived at a Paris Fashion Week event with her rapper husband, Kanye West, and Kim's mom, Kris Jenner.

As Us Weekly relays, Kim has shared that she is entirely grateful for her security team and the way they go about ensuring she is safe. She mainly gives credit to Pascal Duvier, her bodyguard whom she called a "G" after the incident involving Sediuk. Kardashian is intent to see the attacker pay for his actions on the most recent occasion.

A source shares about Kim's intentions against Sediuk.
"She plans on pressing charges and has reached out to French authorities to file a complaint, This is the second time he has done this and expect he'll try again on her or someone else. She has no idea what his motivation is."
It seems that Kim Kardashian has too much of an appeal for young men. Even her own brother can attest to this. However, Sediuk does not limit his celebrity attacks to Kim. In the past the young man has also attacked Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Will Smith.

[Featured Image by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for The Girls' Lounge]