Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Carrie Bradshaw-Inspired LBD Line Leaves Out Plus-Size Women

After giving fans a glimpse of her new little black dress line, Sarah Jessica Parker has finally announced its launch date.

Carrie Bradshaw lovers and Sex and the City fanatics alike can expect Parker’s LBD line to hit Bloomingdale’s in October, before becoming available online and at other retailers.

The 51-year-old is somewhat of a fashion icon in her own right with her SJP Collection of Carrie Bradshaw-inspired heels. Now, fans will be able to take the Sex and the City look one step further with the line of must-have little black dresses. Parker posted a twirling Instagram video while wearing one of the first looks to be released, and admittedly it’s kind of adorable.

The Huffington Post gave some insights on the new LBD collection, saying the first release will be a dress called “Title,” and will cost shoppers a whopping $395. But the price tag may not be the only thing keeping SJP fans from snagging one of the dresses. The collection will only be available in sizes 0-12, meaning full-figured women will be left out of this SJP endeavor.

As someone who has some curves and is an avid Sarah Jessica Parker fan, this news was more than a little disappointing. All women know their size in dresses and jeans fluctuates based on brand, and being limited to sizes 0-12 doesn’t sound promising. While it can be assumed the LBD line will be nothing short of amazing, the size limitations will definitely play a part in how the public responds to SJP’s latest fashion release.

Sarah Jessica Parker talks on the phone in a scene from Sex and the City
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex and the City' [Image by HBO]

As you can see from the Instagram videos, dated a couple weeks apart, Parker has been having fun “practically living in” one of the upcoming styles. Undoubtedly, many women are ready to splurge on the new line until finding out about the size range. While normally this probably wouldn’t bug someone, some may feel let down by Sarah Jessica Parker’s failure to include women of all sizes and shapes.

Even Khloe Kardashian’s upcoming denim line, Good American, is catering to women sizes 0-24. So why is a fashion guru, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, not doing the same? The obviously tiny SJP may not even realize the struggles plus-size women endure while shopping— especially when shopping for cute, designer looks— but one would assume our real life Carrie Bradshaw would have a little more fashion insight.

Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t necessarily have to cater to a certain demographic, but maybe, just maybe be a bit more inclusive than sizes 0-12. After all, the national average dress size for women is reportedly a size 16, up from the previous average of a size 14, according to Today Style. That is a lot of women who will not only be missing out on all the Carrie Bradshaw-inspired fun, but also lost revenue for Parker’s collection.

Sarah Jessica Parker launches Carrie Bradshaw inspired LBD line
[Image by Ben Gabbe/ Getty Images]

Is Sarah Jessica Parker being shallow by not including sizes larger than 12? Or does she really just not care about the plus-size demographic? It’s hard to believe she purposely overlooked her curvier fans, but perhaps there is some marketing logic behind her reason to limit the LBD line. SJP has seen widespread success with her high-end shoe, handbag and perfume lines, which can be found at upper scale retailers— retailers that are not popular go-to spots for plus-size women.

While not trying to bash Parker for her decision on sizing the new LBD line to only fit certain standards, but it would be nice for a celebrity such as herself, one who resonates with women everywhere, to show a little more inclusivity when it comes to body image. Hopefully Sarah Jessica Parker will eventually expand the line to include a wider range of sizes as Carrie Bradshaw fans flock to her LBD line. Hopefully.

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