Indiana Amber Alert Mother Who Admitted To Smothering Her Two Kids Now Implicated In Ex-Boyfriend’s 2009 Slaying [Video]

Amber Pasztor, the 29-year-old Indiana mother who reportedly caused an Amber Alert to be issued for her non-custodial children and later admitted that she’d smothered them to death, is now being implicated in the unsolved murder of her ex-boyfriend. That ex-boyfriend, Rene Hernandez, was also the father of the two children that the Indiana mother reportedly murdered after she abducted them earlier this week.

As Fox 59 reports, Rene Hernandez vanished mysteriously back in December of 2009. At the time of his disappearance, he was just 24 years old. Indiana mother Amber Pasztor was reportedly pregnant with the pair’s younger child, Rene, at the time. The then-couple’s oldest daughter, Liliana, was just 1 year old. Both of those children were the subjects of a frantic Indiana Amber Alert Monday.

Tragically, both kids (now 6 and 7 years old) were found murdered in the backseat of a car driven by their mother just hours after the Indiana Amber Alert was issued. Later, their mother would reportedly admit to abducting the kids from their custodial grandparents and smothering them to death with her bare hands.

Roughly six months after Rene Hernandez went missing, his body was found in a forested area of Indiana not far from his home. That discovery was made on June 11; investigators initially couldn’t identify his remains because his corpse had been severed in two.


After the discovery of his body, Hernandez’s death was ruled a homicide — a homicide with an investigation that had gone fairly cold over the last six years. However. following Monday’s horrific Indiana Amber Alert and mother Amber Pasztor’s admission that she abducted and killed her children (children she shared with the previously murdered Rene Hernandez), investigators have reopened the case.


Reportedly, Indiana mother Amber Pasztor was questioned following the disappearance of her children’s father and again after his remains were found, but there was apparently not adequate evidence to connect her to his murder.

“If she wasn’t a person of interest then, she sure is now.”

The connection of Indiana mother Amber Pasztor to the murder of her children’s father becomes an even more terrifying prospect when another aspect of the Monday’s Indiana Amber Alert is taken into consideration. When the Indiana mother abducted her two small children on Monday morning, she wasn’t the only adult involved in the Amber Alert.

When she vanished with the kids, her 66-year-old neighbor Frank Macomber also disappeared, along with his vehicle. Early on in the investigation, law enforcement believed that he may have been with Pasztor or assisting her in some way with the abduction of her non-custodial children.


However, after the Indiana mother turned herself over to police in a car, her children’s lifeless corpses in the vehicles backseat, it was revealed that Frank Macomber had also been murdered. It was his car she was reportedly driving when she approached Indiana law enforcement to turn herself in.

According to reports, Macomber, who had also been involved in the Indiana Amber alert, was shot to death. Like the father of Amber Pasztor’s two children over half a decade ago, his body was found in a wooded area not far from the Fort Wayne neighborhood where he and Pasztor lived.

According to Indiana law enforcement, it is believed that Macomber died before the Indiana mother abducted her children and the Amber Alert was issued in an attempt to bring them back alive.


On Wednesday, the Indiana mother was formally charged with two counts of murder in connection with the deaths of her small children.

According to Whitley County Sheriff Marc Gatton, the Indiana mother was simply never suspected of her then-boyfriend’s murder in 2009. He worked with the department at the time that Hernandez disappeared and later when the young man’s dismembered and desecrated remains were discovered.

“The detective wasn’t leaning toward her or anything.”


Gatton has reported plans to reopen the case of Rene Hernandez and to re-question the Indiana mother after the investigation into her involvement in her children’s deaths (and possibly the death of Frank Macomber as well) is complete.

At this point, it is unknown what additional charges the Indiana mother involved in Monday’s Amber Alert may face in the immediate or near future.

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