Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Baby Princess Charlotte Looks Like The Queen? Charlotte In Canada For Her First Words

Every parent waits for the moment when their child says their first words, but most parents don’t get to have the special moment recorded by international news cameras in Canada.

For Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby girl, the timing couldn’t have been better. The “pint-size royal” Princess Charlotte was in Canada, surrounded by media at an officially arranged children’s party in Victoria, Canada, when the little princess let loose with her very first word for Kate and her daddy.

The moment is even more exciting because it was the very first time that Prince William and Kate Middleton have let cameras anywhere near the prince and princess while they are playing.

With her great sense of timing, it looks like Charlotte, who was “off to explore the party” the moment William and Kate let her feet touch the ground, is shaping up to be a star just like her mom and Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana.


Everyone is trying to figure out who Princess Charlotte looks like. Most fans don’t think Charlotte looks like Kate Middleton or her Aunt Pippa Middleton, and some people are already pointing out that Princess Charlotte looks like Queen Elizabeth. If Charlotte looks like the Queen, that’s just one more reason to expect stardom. The Princess’ great-grandmother was a celebrity in her own right when she was as young as Kate Middleton is now on the tour of Canada.


Vanity Fair reports that Princess Charlotte, age 16 months, was at the party along with her parents Prince William and Kate Middleton, and her brother Prince George, as part of the tour that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the children are doing on Canada’s west coast.

Middleton’s adventurous little girl was having a wonderful time playing with balloons and bubbles at the party when she spied “an archway of balloons that led to the petting zoo.”

It wasn’t clear whether little Charlotte was heading for the “two miniature horses, a goat, a sheep, quails and a rabbit” or if she just wanted to play with the balloons when she toddled in the direction of the arch, but she was sturdy enough to just about knock over the whole display.


For a 16-month-old princess who only “started walking in May just before her first birthday,” that’s a pretty impressive show. Charlotte was clearly pleased with herself, and with the cameras catching every sound for all of Canada to hear, she said “Pop” to her dad, Prince William.

The royal party was one of Princess Charlotte’s first official royal engagements, and according to Us Weekly, she and Prince George “were the cutest party guests” in Canada.

“Pure joy!”

For those trying to figure out, “Who does Princess Charlotte look like?” she obligingly posed with daddy for some great close-ups.


There were 24 other children at the play date, all of them from Canada’s military families, and the organizers went all out to make it the “highlight of the tour.” The “kids’ dream” of a party included the petting zoo, miniature ponies for the children to ride, “a puppet show and a guitar player, bubble-making machines and refreshments.”

Prince George, only son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, wasn’t quite as quick as his baby sister to get hands on with the toys and games, and even looked sad once or twice when he lost sight of Middleton.


As soon as he caught sight of the miniature ponies, George was well away. That was probably a better riding choice than his sister Charlotte made.

The royal toddler had the other kids and parents “in stitches when she sat on a rescue dog called Moose.” Fortunately for Moose, she was soon distracted by the balloons.

George, in turn, noticed a fish-shaped bubble machine, which seemed to him to be the perfect way to tease Charlotte before Duchess Kate intervened. The little prince “squirted at his little sister” with the bubble machine, all in good fun of course.


Middleton eventually got both George and Charlotte agreeing on something. Paul Kilshaw, a children’s entertainer from Victoria, Canada, was there to create made-to-order balloon sculptures for the kids.

At first, George didn’t see the point of a balloon animal, probably, as Kate and William explained, because they’ve never been able to make one for the kids. Being a prince doesn’t make you totally competent at everything! Middleton’s parents actually run a party-supply store, but even she has never conquered the art.

“We try making balloons at home, but it doesn’t work.”

Once big brother saw that “Charlotte was getting one, then he was right over.” The artist said that George asked for a volcano, and Princess Charlotte asked for a flower. Prince William’s little girl was content to play with her flower, but her brother wanted to explain “all about volcanoes” while he waited with Kate for the piece to be finished.


After all the excitement of the party, Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to take the little princess and her brother home for some private time away from cameras during their stay in Canada.

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images]