September 29, 2016
'Big Brother: Over The Top' Spoilers: Houseguest Becomes Infected, First 'BBOTT' HOH Competition Begins [Breaking]

Big Brother: Over The Top spoilers from Thursday (Sept. 29) now include the beginning of the first HOH competition of the fall. As announced, the producers began the first Head of Household competition shortly after 1 p.m. on Thursday with all of it playing out on the live feeds. The producers came on over the speakers and told the houseguests to go inside. Once in the living room, they each began to see that there was a blue liquid in a bottle with a note attached to it. The note stated, "only one may drink."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the season premiere of Big Brother: Over The Top took place on Wednesday night (Sept. 28). There are 13 houseguests, including Jason Roy, who was a member of the Big Brother 17 season. Most of the first 18 hours were spent getting to know each other, with alliances beginning to form, and viewers getting to know the first twist of the BBOTT season. That first twist is that two sisters (Alex Willett and Morgan Willett) are in the house together, but they are pretending to not know each other.

Going back to the newest Big Brother spoilers, Shane Chapman walked up and drank the "potion." This set off an alarm in the BBOTT house, calling him to the Diary Room for instructions. While the other 12 houseguests postulated about what might happen next, Shane came out about 18 minutes later to explain the situation. Shane had become infected with a "bug" and would not become the HOH. Over the next 24 hours, the first Head of Household competition will play out, with 11 more people contracting the "bug." The last person left gains the power.

When the alarm goes off again, Shane must give the "bug" to someone else. The newly infected person will then be eliminated from contention for the HOH as well. It is expected to take about 24 hours for the competition to play out, giving people something to watch on the live feeds for the next day. Once someone becomes the HOH, they will likely then name the two nominees for eviction. This will also lead to additional Big Brother: Over The Top spoilers getting revealed during the next 24 hours. The game has really begun.

Big Brother: Over The Top has started off a bit slowly, if only because everything is taking place live, and viewers aren't getting an edited version of the program. The announcement of the rules for the first HOH competition has certainly generated a lot of conversations about how it is going to play out, though, with half the BBOTT house pretending they have no interest in gaining the power. This could create a very interesting bit of footage when it gets down to just two people vying for the HOH.

There is going to be a lot of action taking place over the next few days, leading up to the first Eviction Ceremony of the fall on Wednesday, October 7. There are some twists and rumored fan involvement coming along before that, though, with some public votes planned for subscribers of the feeds. That will lead to many more Big Brother spoilers coming out, including who the first HOH decides will be the first two eviction targets of the season.

Fans who want to read about how the Big Brother: Over The Top schedule will work should read the previous report by the Inquisitr that covers it in detail.

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