September 29, 2016
Amber Rose Lands $8 Million Meet And Greet Tour After 'Dancing With The Stars'

Amber Rose is quickly becoming a superstar in her own right. The former stripper turned activist turned Dancing With The Stars contestant just landed a huge meet and greet tour deal worth a whopping $8 million. As Rose continues to rise in star power, she's quickly becoming a household name, leading to the Amber Rose Live Tour that will take place after she is done competing on the hit ABC dancing competition.

Amber's new gig will kick off in 2017 as she travels the world for the interactive tour. The Daily Mail reports that the Amber Rose Live Tour will feature special guests, segments about sex and love and personal stories from Amber herself. She won't be alone on this tour either. It was reported that Beats by Dre DJ Tori Brixx has also signed on and will be Amber's opening act.

It's not like Amber isn't already celebrating her most successful year yet. Muva already has a self-titled talk show on VH1 that many fans have been thoroughly enjoying. She is also still in the running for the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing With The Stars.While Amber has been rocking the bottom of the leaderboard since the ABC hit began just a few weeks ago, her professional dancing partner for Season 23 is Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and their memorable dances have certainly brought Rose a lot of attention.

Amber Rose is also doing well on her mission to be a neo-feminist activist. Her second annual SlutWalk is about to kick off and has become a bigger event than many ever expected. DJ Tori Brixx recently announced that she would also be at the annual event, which will likely draw an even bigger crowd.

Earlier in the year, Amber Rose released her own emojis titled MUVAmoji, and they quickly became the most popular download in the app store. She also released a new book called How To Be A Bad Bitch that has been very successful and was ranked at one point as the second most downloaded book in the iTunes audiobook store.

Despite all of Amber Rose's recent success, the upcoming Amber Rose Live Tour is fast becoming a huge deal and may be her biggest gig yet. Muva's reported net worth sits at $5 million, which is not bad considering that she built her empire on her own. She started from meager roots as an exotic dancer before working as a model and then becoming best known as Kanye West's ex-girlfriend before marrying and then divorcing rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Enstarz reported earlier in the year that Amber Rose's successful MUVAmoji app netted her a cool $4 million, just half of what she is set to earn for going on tour. With Amber in the spotlight so much this year, she could potentially make a whole lot more than her world tour is even expected to bring in.

Amber Rose recently revealed in an E! News interview that her appearances as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars have earned her a huge amount of attention from male celebrities. While she stopped short of naming names, Muva did mention that she has received messages from several stars to let her know what a great job she is doing.

It's not just celebs who have noticed either, and with the huge DWTS audience, anyone who didn't know who she was before certainly knows now. That could result in a huge earning potential for Amber Rose, who has already proved to be multi-talented as a dancer, performer, model, talk show host, TV personality, and so much more. Amber has catapulted herself way beyond being any rapper's ex, and now she can enjoy a career where she is known for her many accomplishments. Given so much recent attention, the $8 million dollar payday for the Amber Rose Live Tour only makes sense.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]