September 29, 2016
WWE News: Paul Heyman Teases The Rock Vs. Brock Lesnar Match, Gives Heated 'WWE 2K17' Interview

In recent WWE news, wrestling personality Paul Heyman is starting to turn the wheels of the rumor mill while doing all sorts of crazy interviews. One of those even featured Heyman getting heated with the interviewer, as a YouTube video of the segment is now making the rounds. Heyman, who is known for managing "The Beast" Brock Lesnar, has been talking about a few of the biggest names in the business and even taking shots at interviewers. All of this appears to be to gain publicity for Lesnar, who is featured on the cover of the newest WWE 2K17 video game title. However, could all of the talk lead to a major professional wrestling match and a mixed martial arts fight for Lesnar in the future?

As WrestleZone recently reported, Heyman was asked about many topics, including The Rock and Brock Lesnar going at it in the ring again. Heyman would go on to suggest that maybe Dwayne Johnson isn't ready to face his client Brock Lesnar and even teased that maybe Rock is scared.

"Notice how The Rock picks fights with Bray Wyatt, or fights with Rusev and John Cena? Notice how The Rock doesn't pick a fight with Brock Lesnar? Is Brock Lesnar ready for The Rock? Is The Rock ready for Brock Lesnar?"
Heyman also called Brock "the greatest box office attraction," based on how Lesnar draws viewers to pay-per-views. That could have been another dig at Johnson, a major action star who will appear in upcoming films such as Jumanji and Baywatch. As longtime wrestling fans know, the two superstars battled it out at a previous SummerSlam match. In that 2002 pay-per-view's main event match, Lesnar ended up defeating Rock for the Undisputed Championship in a 16-minute match.

WWE star Brock Lesnar fights The Rock at SummerSlam 2002
WWE star Brock Lesnar fights against The Rock at SummerSlam 2002 match. [Image by]

While all the recent talk may look like a way to call out The Rock from Hollywood, it could also be a smokescreen or just Heyman answering questions. Earlier this month, Heyman and Lesnar revealed Brock's dream match in an interview with The Sun of the United Kingdom. Brock would prefer to have a rematch with none other than Goldberg, who has been retired from WWE for quite some time.

However, if it were to happen at next year's WrestleMania, it would certainly add to what could be a blockbuster card. There aren't any matches really set up yet, except for Big Show taking on former NBA player Shaquille O'Neal. Adding Lesnar vs. Goldberg and rumored matches such as John Cena vs. The Undertaker, as well as Seth Rollins vs. Triple H would make for a stacked card.

In other Lesnar WWE news, Heyman also spoke about UFC star Conor McGregor this month. It was mentioned how McGregor has called himself a major attraction for the UFC and MMA world. Heyman responded by proposing a fight.

"If Conor McGregor would like to step into a ring or an Octagon against Brock Lesnar to determine not who truly is the biggest box office attraction, we can make that winner take all in bragging rights."

In terms of current weight classes, that would not work out as McGregor is the current featherweight champion at 170 pounds. Lesnar is a former UFC Heavyweight champion and is billed at 265 pounds. That would mean one of the two would have to adjust their weight accordingly, so it's not likely to happen anytime soon.

UFC star Conor McGregor at Diaz 2 fight
Will UFC star Conor McGregor ever get in the ring with Brock Lesnar? [Image by Steve Marcus/Getty Images]

As for Paul Heyman, he has been making the interview circuits quite a bit to help promote the new WWE 2K17 video game. He's always been known to go off on interviewers on WWE programming when speaking about his clients. According to Wrestling Inc, one particular session seemed to go awry as the advocate for Lesnar began to chastise the interviewer for asking repeated "stupid questions."

Of course, many fans will suggest that Heyman is really getting into his character here for the piece, also known as a "work." It's always hard to tell based on how reality and fiction merge with WWE, but it sure makes things interesting. Most likely, this was all for promoting the WWE's video game. Still, his suggested WWE match and UFC fight for Brock Lesnar are also interesting to contemplate, especially with Lesnar such a big draw in the business. Recent WWE news has also pointed towards the current WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens calling out Brock to fight at Mania, as well.

WWE fans would you want to see The Rock against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania next year, or a different match for Lesnar? Also, will Conor McGregor and Lesnar ever go toe-to-toe in a ring or octagon?

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