Maria Arias: Pregnant Girlfriend Of Jose Fernandez Could Potentially Lose Out On His $6.5 Million Fortune

Maria Arias stood by boyfriend Jose Fernandez as he rose to the top of the MLB, but now the pregnant lover of the late Miami Marlins pitcher could be left out of his roughly $6.5 million fortune.

Fernandez was killed along with two others in the early morning hours on Sunday when his boat crashed into a jetty in Miami Beach. His death led to an outpouring of condolences from fans and baseball dignitaries alike, and also put the spotlight on his pregnant girlfriend.

Maria Arias had been dating Fernandez for close to a year, a time in which he continued to build on his strong start in the MLB and was becoming one of the best pitchers in the National League. But now Arias could be in danger of missing out on the $6.5 million that Fernandez leaves behind, Hollywood Life found.

The celebrity news outlet spoke to attorney Robert Wallack, who said there is a chance Arias is not eligible for the inheritance money.

“Jose’s pregnant girlfriend doesn’t have a direct inheritance right, absent an express will provision,” Wallack says, noting that means she has to be explicitly mentioned in his will.

Wallack, who had not seen Jose’s will, said there could still be some options for Maria Arias to inherit the roughly $6.5 million Fernandez had earned over his career.

“The girlfriend may petition the court for a family allowance since she’s carrying his heir, even though they weren’t married and she isn’t his widow,” Wallack said, adding that Jose’s child could inherit all of the money in a trust, with Arias as the trustee.

To make Fernandez’s death even more tragic, the phenomenal young pitcher was nearing what could have been a record-setting contract. He was widely seen as one of the most promising young pitchers in baseball, with a good chance of becoming the league’s best within a few years.

Given the steady inflation in contracts for top pitchers, that could have put Fernandez in line to sign a contract of $250 million or more.

Maria Arias just made her first appearance since the tragic death of Jose Fernandez. Wearing a black dress, the 24-year-old Arias was seen entering St. Brendan’s Catholic Church in Miami, where the memorial service was held for Fernandez.

The service was for friends, family members, and teammates, but thousands more have paid their respects at a public viewing. Others have left flowers and signed cards for the Marlins pitcher.


The timing of Jose’s death was especially tragic for his girlfriend, as Arias and Fernandez had just shared news about the pregnancy in a notice posted on Instagram.

In August, Arias surprised Fernandez with a cake that revealed the sex of the baby, a girl. A family member shared a video of the moment, with Fernandez crying tears of joy at finding out.

Maria Arias isn’t the only one grieving over the death of Jose Fernandez. His former fiancee, Carla Mendoza, also wrote a heart-wrenching message on Instagram, remembering the Marlins ace and asking that people show respect to the grieving Arias.

“My heart goes out to Maria, as she is expecting his child,” Mendoza wrote beneath a picture of herself and Fernandez together. “Please honor Jose’s memory by respecting his daughter and her mother as I’m sure this is all too painful for her as well. My deepest love goes out. The heartbreak is unbearable.”

Mendoza also appeared to quash rumors that had spread claiming she was actually pregnant with his child.

While Maria Arias is still grieving the death of Jose Fernandez, she will soon have to prepare for their baby to be born. Arias is due to give birth in February.

[Featured Image by Jose Fernandez/Instagram]