September 29, 2016
Does Harry Styles' Another Man Photo Shoot Mean Harry Is A Rock Star To Be Compared To Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney And Jim Morrison?

Harry Styles' Another Man photo shoot is starting to leak out, photo by reminiscent photo and the message is clear. Harry is a rock star on the verge of becoming a legend. His photos, and it is said there are millions of pics taken in this photo shoot, are set up to make Harry look like iconic photos of Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, and Jim Morrison. Though Jagger references represent the standout majority of pics, there are a few at least that are meant to represent other famous and legendary rockers.

Harry Styles' Another Man photo shoot is either high rock-n-roll blasphemy or a prophetic omen that another rock god is born. Fans will not know which until Styles' solo album is released. Only then will the truth or fallacy of Another Man's prophecy be known. The Statesman says Styles is Mick Jagger's most obvious successor. Is it true?

"The three shoots are nostalgic, too. This latest issue of Another Man follows one themed around Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones and the 'heirs to his throne.' As Styles is his most obvious successor (often compared to Mick Jagger in both looks and charisma), two of these shoots feel almost as though they were intended for that previous issue."
Harry Styles' Another Man story is one of greatness, and Harry has gone there, regarding fan base, sales of albums, and merchandise and social media following. Harry himself was never satisfied with One Direction's music as being iconic enough to merit their popularity. Will Harry's album have that elusive and iconic quality that makes him worthy of such comparisons? Signs point to yes.

Harry Styles by Helga Esteb Shutterstock r
Harry Styles [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

Harry Styles has been conferring with virtually all the greatest living legends he can. He is literally researching rock icons from the 1960s through the 1990s, including all the greatest examples.

Another Man underscores this fact with a telephone interview between Harry Styles and Paul McCartney. Styles is quoted in the Statesman asking Paul McCartney some questions about the differences between solo work and being in a band.

"When you first went from being in a band to being on your own, what was the creative side of that like?... How did you find going from touring with so many people around you, to going out doing songs you'd written every word of?"
Harry Styles' Another Man photoshoot is saying everything fans and even Styles wants it to. It is placing him as an icon, and testifying to his worthiness as a serious musician.

Harry Styles has worked diligently to build a career in both music and film, gaining credibility in both fields. Harry's work in the movie Dunkirk even wowed Christopher Nolan. His music is wowing the rock icons, who are eager to help Styles obtain his greatness. What's next? Knighthood? How would Sir Harry Styles sound?

Harry Styles Photographed While Christopher Nolan's Filming Dunkirk [Image by Star Max-2/AP Images]


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Harry Styles' Another Man interview gives a strong reference to Styles as a capable and respected musician. Anyone who can just dial up Paul McCartney to ask advice has automatic on the street credibility with most people. Harry Styles is on the fast track now to success, especially if his album lives up to expectations. Since Styles is a known perfectionist, and all accounts of his new sound have been positive, that should not be a problem.

Harry Styles' is destined for greatness, and that is something One Direction Fans knew all along. The importance though lies in the longevity of his career. Styles is securing his future in music and movies with a powerful message from a respected publication.

Harry Styles' Another Man photo shoot will improve the public perception of Styles, in a powerful visual that will forever link him to legendary rock icons.

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