September 29, 2016
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Valentin Cassadine Is Back -- Is He Involved In The Paternity Storyline?

General Hospital spoilers indicate that the current paternity storyline isn't going to be cut and dry. Port Charles is always buzzing with sex and pregnancy galore. Each male lead has at least two children by two different women, if not more. Soap opera writers love to throw a wrench into any storyline they think will keep fans hanging on. With November sweeps right around the corner, Claudette's (Bree Williamson) baby bombshell has all the elements to be a twisted mess.

Just as Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) were getting back on track with their wedding, their lives were rocked once again. Claudette has been a problem since arriving in Port Charles under an alias. Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) realized she was wiped clean from any internet searches which brought down immediate suspicion. After telling Nathan he was the father of her daughter, Claudette had them hook, line, and sinker.According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital spoilers indicate Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is headed back to Port Charles. He was initially coming back much sooner, but when it was announced that Tyler Christopher would not return to the role of Nikolas Cassadine, the writers had to quickly go another route. Rumors are circulating that the DNA will match Nathan's, but he may not be the child's father. Where is this headed and why would the DNA match?For a while now there have been clues that Nathan is a Cassadine. It was implied he may have been Victor Cassadine's (Thaao Penghlis) child based on Liesel Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) acted around him. General Hospital spoilers cleared those rumors up several months ago when it was implied that there was another Cassadine out there. The theory is that Claudette was involved with Valentin and he is her child's father. If this is the case, Nathan would be the child's brother. Valentin fits the bill of the man she described was after her, and what else would bring him back to Port Charles?There is also another possibility here. Griffin (Matt Cohen) was also sleeping with Claudette when she was married. After her reaction to Nathan telling her the results would be in soon and running off to phone Griffin, it seems like a plausible scenario. General Hospital spoilers were right about their connection, will they be right about the paternity of Claudette's daughter too? Griffin seems like a vanilla option, and with sweeps coming up, that is too safe for the General Hospital writers.Maxie is losing her mind over the entire situation which is exactly what Claudette had planned. While she claims she ended up in Port Charles with only pure intentions, that has been proven false over and over again. General Hospital spoilers have briefly touched on the connection between Nathan and Maxie being thwarted, but is this what will be the end all for their relationship? He clearly wants to be a father to his daughter if the DNA comes back in his favor. Maxie may not be able to handle that, especially with the situation she is in with Georgie.Be on the lookout for this storyline to drag out for another few weeks, if not more. General Hospital writers have plenty of storylines that could be huge for November sweeps, and they aren't going to bank on only using just one. As of now, there is no return date for Valentin Cassadine. James Patrick Stuart did indicate that he would be back on Twitter, but no further details were given. General Hospital fans are in for a wild ride with this paternity storyline, and it appears that more twists and turns are on the way.

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